Video: Trump lets it rip on Fox-Romney should give up tax returns when Obama gives us college, passport records

I certainly don’t agree with Trump on everything, but this particular Fox interview was a home run. In it, Trump asks the question that every rational American should be thinking: why should Romney give up any additional tax returns when Obama is hiding virtually everything, spending at least $4 million to keep much of his past from public view?

  • the hell with the libs what ever they are given they always want more

    • RescueKyron

      the hell with all of them. I am an American and I want ALL of Mitt’s tax records BECAUSE Americans NOW have questions about them. If he wants the job he should take a clue from how we feel about the refusal of Obama to give us what we ask for, and NOT be in a “contest” of any sort with anyone relative to HIS obligation to provide answers to the voters. This is not game time, no contest, which means CHARACTER and INTEGRITY and HONESTY are demanded. Romney’s Stepford Wife CRITICIZED Americans for demanding more of THEIR tax information, TELLING us that THEY gave us all that was necessary and they are not giving us any more. Hate surges toward HER already, no First Lady there. Obama is a liar and a communist which go hand in hand, and his wife is already hated by many for her slams against our FLAG and her “conditional” love for our country… gimme what I WANT and I’ll respect it, DON’T gimme what I WANT and I smirk at all of you.
      Americans, we have had a tap dancer and now a ballerina foisted on us as fronts for the continuance of that loud sucking noise taking our money… and our jobs… and our freedom, CONSTITUTION, sovereignty. It’s difficult to “choose” which “contestant” the controllers have put before us, but some will choose like the good little ignorant lemmings they have been turned into. As for ME and MY family and friends, we CHOOSE to vote for a CHRISTIAN AMERICAN. RON PAUL, and the rest of you can join the contestants someday in hell yourselves. RIGHT is not quicksand, WRONG slides to hell, so go for it. Disgusted with MANY Americans who act like they are intelligent and making smart choices but facts show they are nothing more than cowards.

      • JIminTX

        And why should Romney give Obama’s campaign any more info than others before have given? So they can muddy up, distort, and lie about it enough until everyone believes it? It’s nothing but an act to take your eyes off his failings. That’s ridiculous!

        • RescueKyron

          Romney’s arse. I’m the American he is applying to for the job and I WANT THOSE TAX FILINGS. NOW. What a stupid game you propose. How cowardly. It’s Romney’s cultists who are setting up that game to protect Romney from being forced by voters to tell us everything we WANT to know. If those boys don’t like it they can get other jobs. Obama is being peeled from all the secrecy and lies and that’ just the way it’s going to be. AMERICANS won’t stop digging, whether he is in the Oval Office or elsewhere, we have the RIGHT to have ALL the info we want about our employees. Let them muddy whatever they want, we WILL get the truth… and put them in the pen or help them out of the country if they have deceived America. These elite SOB’s are going nowhere without answering questions from now on. You keep your head wherever it is if you are afraid of the truth.

  • Jeremy Patterson

    Absolutely! Mitt doesn’t owe anybody a look at his tax returns until Mr. Transparency releases his college and passport records. Everyone’s got skeletons in their closet but BO’s got a whole graveyard full of em in his closet!

    • RescueKyron


  • Tell you what, Lindsay…unlike you I solemnly hate Harry Reid’s rotten guts…but I agree, he is also a damned bald faced liar. And if Rob-me has gotten by without paying any income tax, good for him—the graduated federal tax on personal income is straight out of the pages of Mordechai Levi aka “Karl Marx” and is as ANTI-Constitutional as all Hell. Frankly I don’t give a rat’s ass about Rob-me’s tax records…I do very much have great concern over whether he is loyal to the Constitution or not and whether he is just a white version of Obama who is a half-black version of Geo the W.

    • howe71

      Why is anyone surprised by the actions of dirty harry, afer all isn’t this guy the same one who cut backroom deals to sell America down the river with Obamacre by offering carve outs, the cornhusker deal, the lousianna purchase, the Florida carveout for seniors on part D medicare etc. What many folks don’t know about dirty Harry is that if he showed ten years of his tax returns he would probably be impeached for not only doing some insider trading which is unethical for Senators who use their power to get earmarks for personal gain, but Harry made himself a few million on some questionable land deals in Nevada.In 2005 he used the power of his office to get an 18 million dollar earmark to build a bridge over the Colarado River to connect laughlin Nevada with bullhead city Arizona. There already was an adequate bridge connecting the two places and this earmark was proven to be pure pork by an Arizona Senator. Less than a mile from the new bridge there happened to be a 160 acre plot of land owned by Harry and the whole purpose of the taxpayer earmark was to significantly increase the value of that parcel of land which it did. To avoid detection and disclosure dirty Harry placed the land into a limited liability company that he negotiated a deal for with a lawyer friend of his named Jay Brown. Harry managed to exert political influence on the Clark County Nevada zoning board to get them to convert the zoning from residential to commercial, a move that increased the value of the land and when Harry sold the property he made a cool 1.1 million dollar profit. Shortly after the land deal was closed, the Nevada Clark County Zoning Board received over ten million dollars in taxpayer funded earmarks over several years compliments of a greatful political servant of the people. When you hear Senator Reid suggest that Mitt Romney has something to hide, you may want to remember what a hypocrite and liar Reid is with all the backdoor and underhanded deals he has pulled. This administration starting with a President who can’t seem to tell the truth, a DOJ that ignores criminal activity based on race and a bunch of radical commies positioned in key slots throughout the govt gives me rise for major concern. If we condone crooks and radicals in govt the legacy we leave for our kids will be a living hell. Vote Vote!

    • RescueKyron

      Take our bookkeeping and responsibilities back from the illegal Fed and give it back to the Congress where it was until a dirty rotten jerk got into our Presidency and slipped his buddies the gold. Congress has to be accountable to WE THE PEOPLE, and the Fed clearly doesn’t. Rob-me’s HONESTY is critical to us and a point of DEMAND because of the current liar-in-office. He better open the books or fold his tent and drive off in one of Mrs. Mitts Limos. Constitution? Surely you jest. The trash in our government now HATE it and the jewess in the Supreme had the balz to tell the Egyptians our Constitution is old and not relevant and she has a hard time woiking under it. Boot her butt out NOW.

  • cojode

    Trump is saying what I’ve believe for quite some time; i.e., why hide records of your past unless you are ashamed of something. What will Obama’s transcripts show, that he was a very poor student, that he was frequently on academic probation, that he failed Econ 101, that he never took Econ 101, that that he listed himself as a foreign student, or that he listed his religion as muslim, etc.? For somewhat who has constantly talked “transparency” he is certainly being very opaque about his past.

    • sunnyblues

      I totally agree. It should be “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” The right has got to learn to play the game by the same rules if they want a chance. All this demanding of Romney’s tax returns would go away if he attacked back in kind.

      • RescueKyron

        It’s NOT their game, it’s VOTERS’ demand to have all information on candidates for our biggest most powerful position in the WORLD. WHO do they think THEY are?… and obviously they don’t know who WE THE PEOPLE are. They are obnoxious twits that have to hide.

  • rick

    is’nt it funny, how the right, like joe miller, can’t seem to acknowledge the fact, that an official law enforcement investigation has PROVEN, that the soetoro white house published a FORGERY, of a birth certificate and called it LEGAL???? hundreds of investigator’s, 6 months of work, TOTALLY IGNORED???? if we survive whats coming our way, from space, the gallows schedule will be, at the least, 6 months long. your a co-conspirator, joe.

  • CSN

    Sheriff Joe is being attacked by Obama and his henchmen as we speak just for the very thing Donald Trump is asking that Obama release. Sheriff Joe knows Obama is a fake, and his records have been faked. We really DON’T KNOW WHO THIS MAN IS WHO CLAIMS HE’S THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA.

  • Guido Volante

    Goiving up the returns is a sucker’s bet and Romney loses before the horse leaves the gate. They will mine those returns for tidbits to twist line by line until the election is over. Don’t dignify the questions with answers. Reply with obama quotes betraying the military, the nation and our heritage….there are hundreds…