Video: Unearthed – Obama calls newborn baby a ‘fetus outside of the womb’

Did Obama vote in favor of infanticide? Pro-life activists have long made the argument that he did, and that a conspiracy of silence from the mainstream media is the only thing that has prevented Americans from knowing the full extent of Obama’s extreme views on the abortion issue.

Now, newly unearthed audio from 2002 shows Barack Obama, then a state senator in Illinois, discussing the bill that has elicited charges that he voted to allow “infanticide.” Read more from this story HERE. Obama’s extreme statements begin at 3:20:

  • sickofitall

    That’s about a cold-hearted as you can get. The “limp and dead” statement turned my stomach.

  • Nathan

    What he’s saying is the decision to have an abortion means, to him, in one way or another the unborn child ends up dead. Any attempt to save a child who accidentally makes it out of the mother allive would simply result in a “burden” on the mother who’s already decided to kill her child. This is how people with no appreciation for human life think.

    • CSN

      It’s called think-speak, as in 1984.

      • Nathan

        I suppose all of us would be considered crimethinkers.

  • Madashell

    “retroactive abortions”. I know a few that should have this procedure done!

  • CSN

    Obama is obviously a flunky scientist. When a baby is born it is a baby. In the first weeks of gestation an unborn baby is called a fetus. Born alive it is a viable human being. Before that it is a viable human being, but abortionists and the abortion cartel don’t want you to think that, so they call a new born alive baby a fetus, if it is born prematurely. If it is born of a father and a mother, it is a baby. It’s not a monkey, or a kangaroo, or a lion. What do they call an animal that is born prematurely? I’m sick of people who try to defend the murder of an unborn baby. There is no excuse. Has anyone seen a garbage can full of babies at an abortion clinic? They are very much whole babies and tossed like so much fodder. Most of the time they are cut to pieces or their limbs are sucked off of them, because they are so tiny. America….it’s going to be payback time soon!

  • So Obama is just a grown fetus waiting for abortion then right?

  • CaptTurbo

    Just think, a condom could have prevented Okenya from destroying the USA.