Wa. Post: Tea Party “racist” for poll watching in minority neighborhoods (+video)

If you’re a conservative poll watcher on Election Day, you’re probably a racist! That’s essentially the charge leveled in an August 25 Washington Post-published article by AJ Vicens and Natasha Kahn of the News21 Carnegie-Knight Initiative. Entitled, “True the Vote and other poll watchers motives questioned,” Kahn and Vicens opened their article by noting the paranoia of a Milwaukee voter creeped out at the fact that there were three white poll watchers at her mostly-black polling precinct on the recall election day a few months back:

As Jamila Gatlin waited in line at a northside Milwaukee elementary school to cast her ballot June 5 in the proposed recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, she noticed three people in the back of the room. They were watching, taking notes. Officially called ‘election observers,’ they were white. Gatlin, and almost everyone else in line, was black. That’s pretty harassing right there, if you ask me, Gatlin said in the hall outside the gym. Why do we have to be watched while we vote?

Two of the observers were from a Houston-based group called True the Vote, an offshoot of the Houston tea party known as the King Street Patriots. Their stated goal is to prevent voter fraud, which the group and founder Catherine Engelbrecht claims is undermining free and fair elections.

Did I miss the conspiracy here? What is so evil about poll watching? It’s perfectly legal and it’s designed to insure confidence in our electoral process. For example, poll watchers could play a crucial role in preventing and combating the sort of voter intimidation that occurred in Pennsylvania during the 2008 election at the behest of the Black Panther Party.

No, with the legality of poll watching unquestionable, Vicens and Kahn turned to liberal academics to make that case that “white poll watchers in minority areas can have a disenfranchising impact even if there’s no direct interaction.”

“In a community where voter participation is not very high and where folks are not as politically active, any barrier that prevents you from getting to the polls or that discourages you from getting to the polls is potentially a problem,” Vicens and Kahn quoted Nic Riley of New York University’s Brennan Center.

Read more from this story, by Asian-American Matt Vespa, HERE.

And here’s the “Bob the Racist” video attached to Mr. Vespa’s article:

  • daveveselenak

    Let me see, brave Americans have given their lives in order for us to have the right to vote but watching to see that the voting process remains free from any underhanded dealings is supposed to be racist, get real. It is a known fact that the voting process has been corupted by the “Dem-O-Com” regime; hell that is about the only way they can put their despots in office… can anyone say “Al Frankenstein” of Minnesota? Dead people and pets voting, Black Panthers in fatigues intimidating white voters – now I suppose that’s OK, according to henchman Holder, it was – and crackheads being paid-off to vote is according to the “Dem-O-Coms perfectly legit! I’ll tell you this much: the “Re-PUNK-licans” better grow a pair and discount the media and all this nonsense about racism if they what a chance of defeating the new Hitler and his communist regime!

  • Bruce Feher

    Anyone else sick of this race crap? It’s getting old!

  • amiee

    Well there is one thing that Obama has succeeded in, dividing this country! We are all Americans and the most important issue that faces us all (no matter the color or nationality) is to restore this country back to it’s greatness!
    Judge people by what is inside not what you only see on the outside as the ones that are good will enlighten your life and you will do the same to that individual!

  • Bob

    Soetoro proudly struts around like he is doing a cake walk and proclaims himself to be the first black prez of a “post-racial” country. In the first place, true racism is nothing more than feeling a sense of racial identity and seeking to preserve the best of the heritage and culture of one’s own race and of course that is only given a bad name when we Whites engage in it…but perfectly ok for everyone else—so typical of the hypocrites the people in this country really are by and large. As regards America being “post-racial”, nothing could be further from the truth …and even if it could be rightly said that “racism died” in America, trust me, Barry Soetoro, the mackdaddy, and his totally rotten and self-bloating ilk have breathed life eternal right back into it making of it the classic latter day Phoenix.

  • It doesn’t matter what a white person or a conservative say or do, they are considered racist, when just showing how many black voters would vote for Obama just because he is black, ignoring the fact he is the worst president ever, makes me realize they are more racist than most white people. Conservatives are just more informed.

  • Where they carrying billy clubs and making racist threats? As you remember the New Black Panthers did some time ago. No. So who is the racist?

  • Cat cat

    We need poll watchers everywhere! When my wife voted yesterday here in Anchorage, she saw a poll worker encourage a Chinese national to vote, even though the would-be voter was clearly stating they were not an American. The poll worker said she wanted “everybody to vote”, and no doubt the poll worker meant “everybody to vote Democrat”.

  • rmwayne

    Let’s see now. These left wing ACORN, NAACP, Black Panther and LaRaza goons will cheat any way possible to keep the anti white communists in office and stealing from American taxpayers. But then they get mad when we watch the polls to try to make the elections fair. Then they use the race card, hoping that white conservatives will be stupid enough to let them keep on cheating. I have news for them. The accusations of racism mean nothing anymore. It’s to the point now where they can accuse people like me of bigotry and racism all day long and it means nothing because they’re using this to keep on stealing from me by putting communist scum like Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their ilk back into office.

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