Alaska Republican Party Resolution to Censure Senator Lisa Murkowski

At the Alaska Republican Party State Convention earlier this year, a Resolution to Censure Senator Lisa Murkowski was proposed but not voted on because the outgoing ARP Chairman Randy Ruedrich adjourned the convention early. Later, the same Chairman discouraged delegates from attending the reconvened state convention so that a quorum would not be reached. Again, the censure resolution was not considered. Finally, at the most recent SCC Meeting in Fairbanks on September 22, 2012, the meeting was again adjourned prematurely leaving the censure resolution without a vote.

Here is the language of the controversial censure resolution:

Resolution To Censure Senator Lisa Murkowski

WHEREAS Lisa Murkowski has showed especial contempt for the Alaska Republican Party Electorate by expressly promising and subsequently breaking her word to support the winner of the 2010 Alaska Republican Primary Election for US Senate; and

WHEREAS she sought re-election in 2010 as an independent write-in candidate after losing the Republican primary; and

WHEREAS she actively campaigned against, and maliciously attacked, the Republican Nominee; and

WHEREAS she has aligned herself with the AFL-CIO, NEA, Planned Parenthood, Public Employee Unions, and other Democrat special interest groups; and

WHEREAS support of these left-wing special interest groups cannot be reconciled with the ideals and values of the Alaska Republican Party, nor with the best interests of the people of Alaska; and

WHEREAS during the 2010 general election Lisa Murkowski demonstrated a dishonesty and duplicity not in keeping with Republican Party values; and

WHEREAS these actions exhibit an extraordinary disloyalty to the Alaska Republican Party and Electorate without which her career as an elected official would never have been possible; and

WHEREAS Senator Murkowski was the only “Republican” to vote for every major piece of President Barack Obama’s 2010 “lame duck” agenda; and

WHEREAS she has subsequently obstructed Republican attempts at reform, and supported numerous policy positions opposed to the Alaska Republican Party Platform;

Therefore, be it hereby resolved, that we, the delegates of the 2012 Alaska Republican State Convention publicly censure and repudiate the words and actions of Senator Lisa Murkowski, and revoke her Republican privileges until she publicly apologizes and pledges to never campaign against the Republican nominee again and to cease and desist supporting parts of President Obama’s agenda that are in opposition to our Republican values and Platform.

  • About time. All I have to say hang her out like she did all of us when she lied to and ran against us all in 2010.

    Censure her and make her admit exactly whose ideas and ideals she really represents.

    That is all.

  • gracentruth

    Thank you, thank you for publishing this resolution. Peace,

  • LTCRIce

    Great job you are doing up North Joe! stick with it, the Sensible people will wake up and see the graft and corruption
    of the RINOs in our ranks.

  • I am wondering if Roy McDonald in NY can be censured also? He won’t concede after the primary 2 weeks ago and is going to run on the independent line. He pretended to be a conservative then voted with the dems and people want him out.

  • Barry_Suxx

    I wouldn’t stop with something as mild as a mere Censuring of that despicable creature; indeed her record deserves impeachment.
    Then grant Alaska a Gov that they’re truly worthy of. Give’em a GREAT Governor; one who was taken-away from them. Give’em back JOE!!!!
    Alaska needs a REAL Leader,,,,, not this crooked, lying, no-class traitor who ‘Thinks’ she’s a Gov solely because of her Daddy was.

    • Barry_Suxx

      Excuse me: SENATOR!