Ann Romney Claims She “Walked In” on George Bush

Photo credit: marcn

If Mitt Romney wins the presidency, he won’t be the first commander in chief whom his wife has seen in a compromising position.

During a taping of “Live! With Kelly and Michael,” potential first lady Ann Romney said she once walked in on former President George W. Bush receiving a massage in the White House, according to a pool report.

“We had the unbelievable pleasure of spending the night at the White House and the next morning I was like, exploring everywhere,” Romney said when asked to name the most embarrassing thing she had ever done. “And I was supposed to be at meetings and Mitt was like, ‘Ann, you’re supposed to go,’ and I said ‘No, I’m exploring.’ I went into one door, I was with Anita Perry, by the way. I’ll put blame on her. And Anita and I were like ‘We wonder what’s behind this door?’ It was George Bush having a massage.”

Anita Perry is the wife of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whom Mitt Romney defeated in the Republican presidential primaries.

“He was covered up,” Ann Romney said. “But I was so embarrassed that the next time I did see him, I didn’t know what I was going to say to him. We were going down the elevator from the White House going to an event together, and I walked up to the elevator and am just blushing, blushing, blushing. And he looks at me and he winks as he does and says, ‘I look pretty good, don’t I?’”

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  • G.

    OMG…Really? Is this news?
    With whats going in in our country, let alone the world, I find this kind if story useless.

    • freegal

      You are so right ,,,this is the most ridiculous, and you said it,,useless story I have seen in ages! This is usually a good source, but from now on I will not be so sure their “stories”,,I don’t even believe this is true. Maybe Joe Miller got hacked??

  • CaptTurbo

    She would have had a lot more exciting time playing the “What’s behind this door?” game during Slick Willie’s tenure.

  • Snooters

    I have to “totally” agree with G. Dumb!! Rather hard to believe too, since I don’t believe one can just walk around the White House like you do a museum. Geez

  • reggiec

    Since when is getting a legitimate massage a compromising situation? The headline teaser is a joke. How about some intelligence beyond being a third grade gossip monger.

  • sonofliberty

    LOL! Oh, what a bunch of poor sports here on this page. Can’t even see a little humor at the white House. Mrs. Perry and she were just acting like two kids on a safari, so they ran across old George getting a massage….Romney and Perry look better than he, so what’s the embarrassment about.