Did Lisa Murkowski Cause the Alaska Republican Party to Adjourn Prematurely in Fairbanks? (+video)

The Alaskan Republican Party central committee meeting in Fairbanks on Saturday, September 22, 2012, adjourned after only an hour. Yesterday, we suggested that the premature adjournment reflected the dysfunction of the state party. But some suspect the early adjournment by out-going ARP Chairman Randy Ruedrich was intentional, so as to avoid any vote on a pending censure resolution against Senator Lisa Murkowski.

One attendee, an ARP District Chair, wrote down his observations of the Saturday meeting. Here’s his description of what happened after the initial roll call, invocation, and pledge of allegiance:

At approximately 0930 Mr. Ruedrich moved to the Treasurers Report. It was at this time that Alaska Republican Party Treasurer Mr. Frank McQueery stood and stated that Mr. Daniel Palmer had been recording the entire event and was live streaming onto You Tube. He stated he was not comfortable with the live streaming as this was a private organization discussing political strategy.

A motion was made to have the video stopped and the vote was overwhelming to stop recording. At this point Mr. Palmer started discussion on the subject citing his right to record the meeting. Another member pointed out that anything broadcast on You Tube is on a permanent record. Various other members became involved at this point, pointing out the fact that it was being broadcast worldwide and they were not comfortable with speaking live on YouTube.

National Committeeman Ralph Seekins said he agreed he could record his own private conversation but did not believe it was right to record other people without their consent. He also noted that the event was not public but was a private event of the Republican Party.

The motion to restrict the recording of this and future meetings of the SCC was called and passed. The Chairman requested that the video be stopped and Mr. Palmer declined. At that time, following additional comments from the party Treasurer, a motion was made to remove Mr. Palmer from the meeting and recess the meeting until that was done.

Chairman-Elect Russ Millette approached Mr. Palmer and told him that he had voted against the motion to stop the recording but asked him to stop the recording because it was going to create problems for party unity. Mr. Palmer refused to cooperate and said he would continue the recording. Chair-Elect Millette again said, “I’m asking you again nicely to reconsider”. But Mr. Palmer still refused.

Following additional time the meeting was called back to order and a motion to adjourn was made by the proxy vote for Don Young and was seconded. Mr. Ruedrich called for a vote from the few people remaining in the room and the motion to adjourn passed.

This type of action was completely detrimental to the Alaska Republican Party as a whole. We have approximately 42 day’s left to win the election and at the present time Obama has 269 confirmed electoral votes. The fact is, we will not win this election as a divided party.

For the video of the Fairbanks SCC meeting, click HERE.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Lisa Murkowski is no Conservative. She’s a “republican” in name only. Why does the Alaska Republican Party even allow her to use the Republican Label? She thinks like a Democrat, and votes like a Democrat….she’s a Democrat.

  • gracentruth

    Thank you for the information. I am a state delegate (district 18) and was disenfranchised by Randy’s illegal adjourning of the state convention in April and again on June 9 by Randy’s illegal maneuvers. I really wanted to see live what was going on even though I could not vote. Randy was charging $20.00 to just listen on the phone. I am so glad that Daniel Palmer exercised his right to video. I am disappointed in the chair elect, Russ Millette. I thought he wanted transparency Lisa Murk. should not have been there as a senator because she is not a republican senator, she is an independent. What is Don Young doing supporting her? Peace,

    • why are you dissappointed in Russ, he voted against the decision to stop recording, he was just trying to be diplomatic, anyhow the whole thing is kinda silly, Daniel was being over-courteous to openly record. Anyone that thinks they can go to a meeting, where controversial thigs are discussed, and expect no one to be recording them is a moron. Welcome to the 21st century baby-boomer RINOs, you are gonna be recorded, you cant get away with the crap that you used to.

  • To even thing that our state would prefer A Dictatorship over freedom. But maybe the Death Panels of Begich’s health care Tax is a must have.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    The NRSC and CRP-got together to stop the winning campaign of Congressman William Dannemeyer-by ‘surprising’ us (the volunteers) w/ a man named Micheal Huffington (recognize the name!!)

    some of the ‘older’ volunteers’ said that they would be voting for Diane Feinstein (D) because Huffington would be worse—

    It appeared to me that the same happend to Joe Miller-and that Little Lisa was the CHOSEN one of the the R party…

    Goooooo RINOS—