Elementary School Abolishes Homework Assignments

Gaithersburg Elementary School [Maryland] has abolished homework. Instead, students are being asked to read a book for about 30 minutes a night.

When Stephanie Brant came aboard as principal two years ago, she and her staff conducted a review of homework assignments.

“We really started evaluating the work that we sent students home with,” explained Principal Brant. “We started looking, and really, it was a lot of worksheets. And the worksheets didn’t match what we were doing instructionally in the classroom. It was just: we were giving students something because we felt we had to give them something.”

So, Brant got permission from the school district to implement a radical experiment: the only homework assigned here is reading.

Fifth grader Ann Urrutia got regular homework here as a second-grader; then it went away. We asked her if she misses doing those math problems at home.

“We do [the math problems] in school,” she explained.

  • toomuchsense

    Ann does her math work at school, along with the other twenty something students. Where before, in good families. The child did their homework, and if they had a problem the parent or even big sibiling would come to the rescue to explain how to properly complete the exercise. Homework prepares a child to expect to perform away from the control group (school setting), just like in real life. Liberalism kills the spirit and full potential.

  • reggiec

    If the work sheets did not match the classroom studies, change the %%$# worksheets. I think some people in education have been sucked down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. Here is a suggestion for the parents of kids who are struggling in school. Fuul disclosure… I have no financial interst in the following. I have reviewed several of these FREE online classes ranging from very basic to college level subjects and they are excellent. One important aspect is the ability to stop or reverse the presentation until you understand the concept.
    Look up the Khan Academy! It is an excellent tutoring vehicle. To be most effective the parents should watch and take the course along with their kids. A little parental involvement does wonders for a childs education.

    • fatman45

      You’re making way too much sense. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but you’ll never make it as a union worker in a bureaucracy!

  • gracentruth

    Get schooling out of the hands of the government.Privatize schools / Home school. No more teacher unions. From a retired teacher and professional educator. Peace,