FBI Investigates Threats on Akin’s Life while Karl Rove Jokes about his Murder

Photo credit: Todd Akin US Senate

Political operative Karl Rove apologized Friday for a joke he purportedly made about murdering U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin.

Bloomberg Businessweek reported Friday morning that Rove made a joke that alluded to killing Akin as he briefed about 70 influential Republican donors on the last day of the GOP convention in Florida.

“We should sink Todd Akin. If he’s found mysteriously murdered, don’t look for my whereabouts,” Rove reportedly told the Tampa Club as he explained how his super PAC, Crossroads GPS, planned to beat President Barack Obama this fall.

Rove apologized for the remark after it drew a sharp reaction from Steve Taylor, Akin’s district director, who was upset that the comment came as authorities are investigating threats against the St. Louis area congressman’s life.

Akin campaign spokesman Ryan Hite said Rove personally phoned the Senate candidate late Friday afternoon to apologize.

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  • Harold

    Karl Rover! what a stupid duffas! Does this character have a live brain cell in hid head at all. And he is in government advisory postiions? Is he just another fifth column like the Nazis had to spy on America during world war 2? A wolf in sheeps clothing , destroy from within.

    • CSN

      They call Rove the “architect”, but I’d call him the “Mafia”. Kinda makes you wonder if he has any other skeletons in his closet as to disappearing people. He controls the money coming into the RNC, and who gives him the Money????? Hmmmmm…must be Central Bankers.

  • copakeman

    rove gives joe biden some serious competition. why does fox news insist on interviewing him and asking for his useless opinions ?

  • CSN

    Crocodile Tears from Rove!

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    rove- one of the elite Rs – went overt and thus exposed himself for what he is—
    usually such as he are covert—
    may all of the covert Rs reveal themselves so that ‘folks’ can see what the really are–Dem -progressive – lite!

    • Rove admits he did not know there was a reporter in the room just his fellow million-billionaires that have a sense of humor.

  • Mr. Rove is a Conservative Progressive after the order of his idol Teddy Roosevelt. A CP will just as quickly do away with the Constitution as a Liberal, just more gradually, more progressively so as to not upset the American populace. Just look at President Bush’s constribution the federal bureacracy collection during his term, HSA being one of the biggest and Medicare Part D as one of the most expensive. Charming, huh?

  • Akin butchered his pro-life position. It came across (or was reported as such) that it seemed callous and dismissive of rape, and the trauma to a woman. YET . . . the platform of the Republican Party is no exceptions !

    So why did the Republicans run like they were in a burning building ? Here’s why:
    – a. Akin stepped in a huge pile of ‘doo, and it will be on him forever, and it will unfortunately stink up any Republican event for as long as Akin is around. If he’s a Senator, it will be as if he stands for Republicans, and they agree on what what he said.

    – b. Republicans were afraid of what other people would say, from Rush to Michelle Malkin to Rush Levin, Mitch McConnell, etc. Why didn’t the Republicans go on the offensive and stand up for life in all circumstances ?

    That being said, what Akin said was idiotic and to cause this much damage to the pro-life movement is crazy. He should step aside.

    Also – I’m still mad at Karl Rove for bashing Christine O’Donnell. She was a credible candidate and had a reasonable chance of winning in Delaware. Yet Karl Rove was one of the primary reasons she lost. Well, beside the dumb-a** witch response.

  • Also, Akin’s comments were caught by a Democratic tracker, and it was somewhat of a low-key event. That doesn’t excuse his remarks, but it just shows what the enemy is doing.

    It’s also similar to Dan Cathy of Chick Fil-A, he was speaking to a Baptist interviewer, no ?

    It’s Saul Alinksky’s “Rules for Radicals” # XX, “freeze the enemy, then isolate it”.

    And while I’m at it, “separation of church and state” IS in the Constitution . . . of the U.S.S.R. Of course, it’s not in the US Constitution, not even close. It was an obscure letter written by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists. Yet it became a bedrock of political expression and government bending over.

    • I cannot see where Atkin’s remarks need to be excused he was just giving his opinion which many medical sources say is actually mostly correct. Atkins didnot endorse rape just that it seldom resulted in conception.This is a personal vindetta by Rove against a true conservative that voted no to many Bush-Rove proposals when they were in Office.

      • Matthew 10: 16Behold , I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, andharmless as doves.”
        – Akin was not wise in his description of the act nor its potential aftermath. He fumbled this opportunity big time, and it played into the negative stereotype of Republicans. Who uses the term “legitimate rape” ? And who says women can “shut the thing down”, i.e., control their bodies to not get pregnant. ? Both statements lack compassion and takes lightly the violence and trauma of a rape, all to the detriment of the pro-life movement !

        • Ben

          You, like the Democrat-worshipping news media, are purposefully misinterpreting Akin’s remarks, which are quite clear.

          1. He was referring to a legitimate report of rape. It is the report, not the rape, which may or may not be legitimate. Ok, he should have been more careful with his wording, knowing that there would be people trying to find fault, but what he meant is quite clear. He’s excluding cases where the woman has second thoughts about consensual sex, where the physical traumatic effects would not exist (emotional ones might arise, but again those would be after-the-fact). I’d like to hear your proposed correct wording, since neither “bona fide” nor “genuine” are really that much better if one looks only at the dictionary definition.

          2. You’re the one who brought up conscious control. Akin didn’t say the woman had any intentional control over how her body treated the intrusion, just that the hormones released as a result of trauma interfere with ovulation and implantation. Not that they would prevent it in 100% of cases, but Akin didn’t claim that, either.

          • Ben, so if you were advising a Senate candidate and he said, “Hey Ben, what do you think of this answer on abortion / rape ?”, you’d say, “Looks good to me !”

            When the entire conservative world comes down on your head, you should probably think twice about continuing your campaign.

          • Ben

            I haven’t seen a single statesman come out against Akin. Just the usual power-hungry politician crowd. The ones who don’t agree with Akin’s closing sentence “I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist, and not attacking the child.” because rapists vote and children can’t. Well, I think Akin’s right, even if his wording left room for twisting.

            I again ask, what would the “wise wording” required by Scripture have been for the message Akin was trying to get across? I assume you’re smart enough to be able to pull out his intended meaning.

          • Ben

            But hey, if I’d been asked to review that part, I would’ve said to use ONLY the last sentence, and then tie it into Scripture, which decrees that the child must never be killed for the sins of the father.

          • ok, sounds good. Now get out your popcorn for a week’s worth of Saturday Night Live !, aka “Democrat National Convention” . . .


          • Ben, here’s a wise way of putting it: “forcible rape”. Who uses the term “legitimate rape” ??? And why does that even matter ? Well to Akin, he then made the unwise statement that woman can “shut the thing down”.

            You’re arguing the essence of what he said and I’m arguing WHAT HE SAID, and the *apparent* callous way it is reported, but still the report was USING HIS OWN WORDS. Why give the enemy ammunition ?
            I just gave you a wise answer that would not have resulted in such outrage. But, to your point, I agrued why didn’t the Republicans go on the offensive, instead of back-pedaling like it was a burning building ? The end result of that is the left’s outrage was validated. We lose again. YET – the genesis of the unforced error was Akin’s own words. TOTALLY unnecessary.

            Here’s another wise and succinct answer:
            – rape is awful and should be dealt with accordingly
            – abortion is awful because it takes the life of an innocent child, no matter the circumstances.

            That answer probably wouldn’t have created his / our dilemma, would it have ?

          • BestRealAmerican

            William, William, William — you are missing the point again. “Legitimate rape” is when an attacker jumps out of the bushes and forces you to the ground. A “fake” rape is when a woman has too much to drink, lets a guy have his way with her, then regrets it the next morning.
            I am GENERALIZING here, but you can make the distinction between a “legitimate” rape — which does NOT mean an “okay, approved, condoned” rape — it means an ACTUAL RAPE…Do you get it now, William?

          • BestRealAmerican

            The “entire conservative world” did NOT come down on his head — many people have spoken out in support of him. The bottom line: Let the PEOPLE of MISSOURI decide!!!!!!!

        • and there a lot of young women that do get pregnant and when MOM and DAD demand an answer, the YOUNG WOMEN just says it was RAPE. thats why he said legitament rape.At least his opinion is just as good as ours.

        • BestRealAmerican

          Under stressful situations (like rape) the body DOES shut down, and MAY make it more difficult to CONCEIVE. He mis-spoke by saying “ovulate” — but then, what do most men know about how a woman’s body functions? The point is, he was trying to distinguish between a REAL rape and those where women simply regret having a one-night stand the following day.

  • Karl Rove, for one of many in the scatosphere of politics in this country, can go take a flying screw at a rolling bagel…..the fact that he is not currently behind bars for life tells you all you need to know about America’s JU$T U$ system.

  • Delores109

    I know Carl. He jokes as everyone does. He certainly had no intention of murdering Akin. I’m much more concerned about the FBI who is too eager to investigate at the orders of Obama. I’ve been concerned about the FBI since the illegal arrest of Brandon J. Raub in Virginia. Thanks, Joe.
    Delores Smith
    [email protected]

  • JOE

    karl rove is on the free market side.and the libs hate him.That makes him GREAT!

  • Klaus

    Karl Rove needs to go. Another establishment Republican. Todd Akin made a stupid comment, but basically he was trying to get the idea across that abortion is wrong. I’m very disgusted with the Republican establishment, which is why I identify with the Tea party wing, who also get my donations. All that being said, I despise the Democratic party, which is run by a bunch of people who think Communism is good for our country.

    • Nathan

      I hope all this crap pulled by the establishment (trying to sever itself from Todd Akin, the rules changes at the convention, etc.) leads to a renewal of the Tea Party and it’s efforts to vote out these GOP establishment turds. I totally agree, though. A separation of the GOP is the last thing we need. Even they are better than communism (aka The Democrat Party).

      • reggiec

        What we need is presently taking place. It is a gradual but sometimes not so peaceful hostile take over of the elit, establishment GOP. A perfect example was the GOP primary in Kansas this year. 17 out of 22 races were won by Conservatives over moderate or left of center Republican candadates. The establishment GOP understands what is occurring and are whistling past the graveyard.

    • don

      Carl rove also screwed over Christie O’donnell (sp), even after she won her primary in 2010. (Carl crapheimer also jumped in on that one.) Rove has always been an elitist, and he is a damn poor “architect”, so who gave him that title? Once in a while he will give out a few good comments. The rino RNC has always hated the Tea Party, and that was proven at the convention. Boehner and mccain are a pair of losers! They are damaging the Republican party, instead of concentrating on obama. Obama has to be wiped out of office by EVERY member of the Republican party. Nathan’s comments below are correct!

  • We need to let Rove enablers know it is not PC to support him, that would include pseudo intellectuals and eastern establishment GOPers like Hannity, O’reilly and the whole Murdock empire particularily FOX news and business channels. Murdock is an open borders type despite the 70 percent of real Americans that disagree with him, Ailes is a Nixon type of conservative that tells his minions at Fox to cool the coverage of the tea party. When Ailes censors the news it is time for Americans to censor Fox.

  • Delores109

    Let me give you some advice. I am very annoyed that you had the Westerfield Police of Virginia assist you (FBI), and 2 Secret Service Agents in illegally arresting Brandon J. Raub at his home in Virginia. Thanks to an honest Judge, he ordered that Brandon be RELEASED IMMEDIATELY(after 1 week in a Psycho Ward). The FBI lied or was incorrect (playing it safe) in saying that it was the Chesterfield Police Dept.,that claimed that Brandon had resisted arrest. The FBI second story was that Brandon had never been arrested. I viewed a video of Brandon, a former Marine’s arrest. He was immediately handcuffed, not read his Miranda rights, nor was a Warrant with Probable Cause served on him. That makes it an ILLEGAL ARREST. How could he resist arrest with handcuffs on?
    Stop wasting your time in making a big case out of Carl Rove, who is a respectable man who made a joke, and apologized. Find the important cases, such as TWITTER with DEATH THREATS against Ann Romney. Advise TWITTER to send notices that DEATH THREATS are criminal.
    Delores Smith [email protected]

  • The people picked AIKEN as their congressman to run againest someone, but REPUBS are trying to destroy him. WHATS UP HERE? I thought WE THE PEOPLE picks our own that we want to run for office. The REPUBS want to pick one for them?