Las Vegas Attempts to Cleanup X-Rated Litter but ACLU Threatens Tourists, City

Photo credit: Moyan Brenn

Some tourists try to dissuade them by directing icy glares their way. Others stare, zombie-like, into the Las Vegas Strip’s ubiquitous video screens and light displays in an effort to ignore the pushy handbill distributors.

But some tourists accept the pamphlets and glossy cards that advertise all-but-nude exotic dancers. Then, more often than not, they toss the material in the trash. Or if a trash can isn’t nearby, onto the sidewalk — creating an endless X-rated litter problem that Las Vegas officials are now trying to clean up.

A new ordinance requires handbillers to pick up litter within a 25-foot radius on the sidewalk. But there’s a hitch: The law might run afoul of the First Amendment.

“If someone takes some material, regardless of what it is, and then walks down the street and decides to drop it, that’s the person who is littering. That’s the person that is responsible, not the person who gave it to them originally,” said Allen Lichtenstein, general counsel for the Nevada American Civil Liberties Union.

Las Vegas police aren’t enforcing the ordinance yet. The ACLU has been meeting regularly with the exotic dancer businesses and police to talk about how that will happen, as well as encourage handbillers to help keep the Strip clean. The group has not yet challenged the law in court.

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  • At some point, those who defend such practices will simply be eliminated because the general public has grown tired of liberal lawyers contesting anything decent in our society by twisting the very laws we have designed to promote such decency. In the end, violence always rules, and might becomes right. So shall it be again if we continue down this path. In the meantime, it would seem to me that Las Vegas, and similar places which depend on tourists to survive, will find a serious decline in traffic when such porn hucksters become a nuisance. Las Vegas spent millions of dollars promoting itself as a family vacation destination during the last few decades. Nobody wants to take their family to a place where they are harassed by pimps and whores. The enormous investment in its image will be wasted if they allow the hucksters to continue promoting their low-life attractions in this manner. There are many wonderful places to take your family and spend your vacation dollars. Who would want to spend those dollars in a city of filth?

  • the_uglydog

    Easy to deal with. Put lots of empty trash cans labeled discard handbills here, then pick them up and charge the distributors for the cost, maybe $1 each. Of course it would require a permit with a license to distribute “advertising”,with the permit number on all hand advertising.That’s not restricting freedom of speach if the permit is free.