Obama: Being “Eye Candy” for The View More Important than Attending to World Affairs

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama bantered playfully and held hands Monday during a taping of the female-oriented talk show, “The View,” giving no indication of second thoughts about the appearance despite criticism that the president was blowing off international diplomacy in order to take part in the often-fluffy daytime gabfest.

“I told folks I’m just supposed to be eye candy here for you guys,” President Obama said during a back-and-forth about him being the only man on the program. The show’s five co-hosts are women.

The first lady played along by letting the audience in—just a tad—on their relationship and even some of their marital spats.

“He’s very loving, he’s very giving. He’s very open. He’s funny; I’m funnier,” Mrs. Obama said when asked to describe her husband’s personality.

Asked whether her husband ever gets angry, she replied: “Yeah, yeah, he does. I can make him mad — any number of ways.”

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See also the video of Obama’s senior adviser, Robert Gibbs, trying to excuse the President’s incomprehensible decision to blow off world leaders in favor of Whoopi Goldberg.

  • obama is indeed the douche bag in chief! Did he really refer to himself as ‘eye candy’?!…so presidential of him.

  • m123s

    Obama is practicing the “Fifth Party System” and targeting several groups at one time by appearing in the hen house. Mrs. O is to remind people of Her ethnicity, which she loans to her Husband, to keep the lie going. America – this time, convince yourself that you are Awake.

  • colo43

    Hes on his way out- and he knows it.
    His thoughts are “i am going to enjoy what time I have left of this Term”

    • ginger

      Oh, please God, let that be true.

  • dufus

    Obama is so stuck on himself that nothing is more important than HIM.
    Anyone that votes for him is an uninformed dirt bag too. This guy is
    a communist, marxist,muslim, socialist all rolled into one. He has lost
    the respect of other countries for the United States and he thinks he did
    so much, what? He played alot of golf and took expensive vacations at
    our expense. Are we ready for more??

  • ginger

    AAAHHHGGGGAAAHHHHH…meanwhile back at the burning world…what , me worry???

  • reggiec

    Not just narcissistic but now apparently “Mandingo” in his own mind. This is one sick puppy.

  • mrbp

    Poor Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Has to sit there and listen to the sluts of the world. Talk about a worthless president/skin container of used kotex. I pray that this crook/traitor will be gone in Nov. or sooner.

  • metoo

    “They’re close and loving”? Give me a break! Michelle was about to divorce Barrack if he didn’t get a job that paid well. Liars, both!!!

  • I believe that I can speak for many when I say, not once has it ever occurred to me to consider this narcissist “eye candy.” (gag)