Rush Limbaugh: Obama Copied Jimmy Carter’s Convention Acceptance Speech from 1980 (+video)

Rush Limbaugh dubbed President Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention a “halfhearted effort” that proved the conservative radio host was right when he warned an Obama presidency “would end up being nothing more than the second term Jimmy Carter never had.”

Limbaugh treated his radio listeners to a side-by-side comparison of Obama’s Thursday night speech to Carter’s convention acceptance speech in 1980.

“I’m just sitting here in stunned disbelief,” Limbaugh said, according to a transcript on his website. “Barack Obama, he coulda channeled FDR. He coulda gone back and tried to copy something JFK had said, or RFK. If he’s gonna go back to the past and seek inspiration, if he’s gonna go back in time, if he’s gonna go back to the liberal playbook, if he’s gonna go back to the Democrat Party failed ideas of the past, if he’s gonna go back to the boilerplate, why pick Jimmy Carter, if you want to win?”

Limbaugh said last night’s speech shows just how right he was when he first linked Obama to Carter.

“Little did I know — and I’m always aware when I’m right; I never doubt it — but little did I know how right I was when I warned the people of America that an Obama presidency would end up being nothing more than the second term Jimmy Carter never had,” Limbaugh said.

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Here’s Jimmy Carter’s 1980 acceptance speech:

  • WhiteFalcon

    There is no doubt that ovomit is nothing but a warmed over Jimmy Carter. The big question now is can Mitt Romney be another Ronald Reagan. I prey that he can. We need Mitt Romney and a Republican controlled Congress to get us out of this mess. Ovomit has done nothing but make things worse. Keynsiean economics simply is invalid and will not work.

    • frawgeyz

      There can never ever be another Regan! I will settle for some honor and integrity at this point.This means for me one who will uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land!

  • Mark Brickey

    The Peanut Farmer & the Peanut Character! One at least knew how to grow peanuts successfully while the other would demand that after they’re shelled & the work is all done, that they be “shared equally” …
    And while the 2nd’s cronies take the FARMS, they ALL make sure that a “few peanuts” are left for us – the peons…
    And yet so many of the multiple primate groups (NO racism intended here, in case u want to try!) are all out there with hands wide open for their allotment of “peanuts” from the mighty Big Brother….

  • Obama is Jimmy Carter with a suntan.

  • Barack Obama has succeeded in one thing, only: He has ensured that Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon will no longer be vilified as, “America’s worst Presidents”! I rather liked Richard Nixon, and snoozed through Jimmy Carter. Obama stands in a “class” by himself, as the nation’s most embarrassing, least promising, most unwilling to learn and understand what was necessary to execute his duties…all this wrapped in his smug, entitled, ignorant, reverse-racist intentions to “Pay Whitey, back”…and, to DESTROY the United States. His ethnicity got him where he is, and has exempted him from certain IMPEACHMENT and CONVICTION. Undaunted by N-O-O-O-O-O-O hint of a “recovery”…he stands, baldly, before the nation, and with characteristic tin-cup, in hand, with feeble attempts to wheedle ANOTHER term…(ostensibly, so that he can FINISH the destruction, which he has so deftly begun!) He’s great at vacationing…and, that’s about it. He has contempt for the nation, and for its people. His legacy contains NOTHING for which he will be remembered, fondly; for he has FAILED at EVERYTHING; and, as Mr. Eastwood so astutely pointed-out…”…we’ve got to let him go.” For the sake of all of us…he, his atrocious arrogance, his dearth of accomplishments, and his chronic “mooning”, of the nation…MUST GO…and, NOW.

    • frawgeyz

      It is really to bad that the skells in the GOP do not feel the same as Clint! They are complicit. They put the anti American McCain up against this man in ’08! Romney also ran on the primary ticket against McCain.
      The GOP choices and their failure to act to defend the Constitutuion
      have left me cold! Sadly, they also run on the conservative ticket so the people cannot escape their choices.
      We must either vote their choices or put up with Odimwad!
      Should we somehow, by the grace of God, survive we must purge
      the house and the senate of these disgusting insects!

  • WVF

    Three worst presidents in my lifetime: (3) Bill “Sex & Lies” Clinton, (2) Jimmy (Peanut) Carter, and number (1) BHO (Muslim plant & imposter) who loves Karl Marx, Lenin, and all forms of evil government.

  • Papa_D

    You know why they sent Jimmy to Washington instead of Billy don’t you?
    They needed to keep someone back home who know how to run the filling station.

  • CaptTurbo

    Fools of a feather.

  • Of course, the MAJOR accomplishment (?) of the peanut which obama has eclipsed is that the peanut “lusterer” was only able to empower the muslim-brotherhood and radical islamofascists in one country – iran – as compared to the dog-eater, who has given practically the whole middle-east to them!
    Of course the farmer didn’t have the muslim-brotherhood-loving hillary rodham to do much of the dirty work.