Southern Poverty Law Center: A Morally Bankrupt Organization Founded by a Morally Bankrupt Man

In the “Hate and Extremism” section of the SPLC website, the group lists 1,274 “Patriot Groups.” This category includes nonviolent conservative organizations like the Oath Keepers, the Constitution Party, Tea Party Patriots, the Tenth Amendment Center, and Joseph Farah’s WorldNetDaily.

In addition to fomenting hatred for groups with which it disagrees, the SPLC is the author of dangerous provocations. For example, in 1996 SPLC hyped a story that black churches were being torched at alarming rates in the South by white racists. As Michael Fumento wrote in the American Spectator at the time, this was soon proven to be false.

SPLC wildly exaggerates the number of groups genuinely associated with hate and violence as well. Laird Wilcox, an independent, non-conservative researcher found that of 800-plus “hate groups” over half them were either non-existent, existed in name only, or were inactive.

Wilcox has his own “extremist” lists. One is called “The Watchdogs … organizations who ‘monitor’ and combat the activities of their ideological opponents,” including many “organizations and individuals who have nothing to do with racism.” SPLC tops the list.

SPLC’s co-founder, Morris Dees, has been harshly criticized by former SPLC employees, a former business partner, and many liberal critics. They see him as little more than a rank opportunist and the SPLC’s chief purpose as raising money for SPLC coffers.

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  • toomuchsense

    Like duh! But like moths to a light. The dumb, the haters, the misinformed and bigots. Flock to organizations like this. You can know a man by their consistency of standards. Or the lack of it. Bigotry is wrong, no matter who the “is”, is doing it. The Southern Poverty orgainizations is not consistent with their battle against haters. They pick and chose which they will condemn. Blinders on their head, while real bigotry exist within their grasp. But personal bias, bigotry and hatred, ignore the more plentiful obnoxious and repungnant hate against human beings on full view. The lower limbs of the fruit of man’s inhumanity toward man, remains untouched, while the hate organizations, filled with hate mongers go searching and climbing and wishing and hoping to find something, just something hidden in the far upper brachces.

  • m123s

    Follow the financing, just as with the NAACP, and Anti-Defamation League; very interesting. Often times Anti-hate groups, hate America.

  • PatriotDiva

    The SPLC calls any group that holds a position different from its own extreme liberal viewpoint a hate group. This organization has zero credibility!

  • 1_Eddie_1

    Morris Dees thinks his Cheerios are racist’s and they hate him. I wonder if Mr. Dees ever stopped to think if it was he himself that is really purveyor of hate. As long as people have a difference of opinion with Mr. Dees, he deems them to be hateful.