Striking Chicago Teachers Have Worse Standardized Test Scores Than Illinois Students, But Are Paid $100k per Year

Photo credit: BrentDPayne

The Chicago Public Schools teachers’ union agreed Tuesday to end the strike and accept some of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s reforms in exchange for pay increases that would bring the average teacher’s salary to $100,000 a year.

Reforms include holding teachers partly accountable for their students standardized test scores.

But according to a 2008 study by Illinois Education Research Council, CPS teachers don’t perform much better on standardized tests than their own students.

In Illinois, all high school juniors and seniors are required to take the ACT test, whether they plan to attend college or not. Public school teachers in Chicago who took the test when they were in high school averaged a score of 19 out of a possible 36 — which is worse than the average median score for all students nationwide.

In fact, Illinois students beat the teachers, scoring a 21 on average, though Chicago-area students only scored in the 17-18 range.

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  • aimee

    With any organization if you do not have results when doing your job you are showed the door. Chicago has “teachers” that scored lower than their current students is an absolute joke and they should be held accountible…oh wait we can’t do that as they are protected…heaven help all of the poor students as they are set up to fail!

  • CaptTurbo

    In saw some of those pigs on TV. They look like the definition of ignorance and want. Arrogant as hell too. They truly look like Obama’s people.

  • JDH

    If your teacher is too dumb to do well on the test, how is the teacher going to teach you to do better? What is the old saying/ those that can’t do teach?