Ted Nugent: Feds Arresting Innocent Citizens Without Warrants

In an interview with Ted Nugent this week, the rock star talks about the “thousands” of cases of innocent Americans who have had their Fourth Amendment rights violated by state and federal law enforcement. He wants Romney to establish a commission to get to the bottom of it:

  • copakeman

    our country does not need another commission to investigate who is ignoring our US Constitution. The Constitution is a very straight forward worded document. our congress must stop passing unconstitutional laws, our congress must challange every unconstitutional executive order. stop presidents from issuing executive orders that become national laws. those orders are unconstitutional. those orders are the reason people are being detained by law enforcement or placed into phychiatric institutions without ever being charged with a crime.

    • If there were as many as 12 honest democrats in the senate, we’d have Impeached the usurper by now. They’d rather cling to power than honor their oath.
      Do you feel lucky, Democrat voters, well do ya? If you value what’s left of your freedoms, vote out all the senators that won’t take their oath to the constitution seriously


    A Commission is the easiest way to ensure that nobody is ever held responsible. Too bad we don’t have an Attorney General…

    • RonMar

      Oh but there is an AG. He just happens to be a criminal.

  • dbassd

    Dont mess with Ted. . .

  • Your precious Mittens Rob-me isn’t going to do JACK SQUAT…what in the hell’s rolling around loose upstairs, Ted?….jesus, joseph & mary when are people like you going to wake up? Rob-me is every bit as much in the vest pockets of the Trilat/Bilderberger/CFR/Rothschild axis as Oblahblah—get it through your skulls, people….this November is not going to change any of this gulagism—-unless you vote Merlin Miller and I doubt one in fifty thousand of you even know who he is. America is dead no matter what November brings

    • RonMar

      Don’t forget Obama has decreed due to the problems at polls in ’08 with New Black Panthers and union thugs, those voting for Romney/Ryan vote on Nov. 6. All others vote Nov. 7.

      • fatman45

        “… those voting for Romney/Ryan vote on Nov. 6. All others vote Nov. 7.”
        I’m intrigued but could you please explain that? With a link maybe? Thanks!

        • RonMar

          No, I offered the explanation with the post. I’ll let you figure it out or get someone else to explain it to you.

    • I’m sure you wouldn’t have the balls to say that silly shit to Ted’s face!

  • nugent should know better….romney and ryan Love the NDAA are big bank-lovers, AND are NEO-CONS!!

    What world does he live in????

    The ONLY MAN given us by God, was cheated out of his nomination!

    Romney should be ashamed, but….money and power are evil masters!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RonMar

      Oh Lord, a wild-eyed Paulite zealot is still ranting.

  • CSN

    Romney did have an assault weapons ban when Governor of Mass. Look it up on Youtube, as it comes out of his own mouth and is video taped, so no lying there.

    • JeromefromLayton

      Mitt’s version is that he got a more reasonable bill than one that could have been passed by a veto-proof legislature. However, he also didn’t allow gun lockers at the Winter Olympics in a state chock full of CCW permit holders. Even at that, his record wasn’t even close to the Obama atrocities. He made major points when he selected Rep. Ryan (GOA A++, active hunter, etc.) as his Vice President.

  • liberty or death

    I would never be able to shoot an helpless woodland creature and get a charge out of it, but I love Uncle Ted.

    • JeromefromLayton

      Bucks, Bulls, and Boars are not “helpless”. All three are capable of making their “point” painfully clear if one gets too close.

  • Tomtom

    Our attorney general is a crook and murderer……is this a great country or what?????

  • reggiec

    Two appointments Romney should make the first day in office:
    Attorney General… Judge Andrew Napitano, Ron Paul.. Sec. of Treasury to oversee the dismantlement of the Fed.

  • Barbara Streisand has more balls than Ted I keep politics and music separate Nugent. Yes I did tell him that to his face, well email.

  • JeromefromLayton

    A lot of people are avoiding the airlines for that very reason and be careful about how you pay for that AMTRACK ticket. If you pay with cash, be sure not to carry anything you wouldn’t want to lose.

  • Watchman

    Get ready for the New World Order Folks it’s coming soon. Better get your heart right with Jesus if you don’t want to have to go though the 7 year tribulation better knowned as Jacob’s Trouble or the Wrath Of God.