US Senate Votes 81 to 10 to Reject Limits on Aid to Pakistan, Libya, and Egypt (+video)

This past weekend, the United States Senate voted 81 to 10 to reject Senator Rand Paul’s effort to limit financial aid to Pakistan, Libya, and Egypt until the countries surrender the individuals responsible for the recent attacks against US interests within their borders.

In urging passage of this foreign aid limitation, Senator Paul criticized Hillary Clinton’s efforts to award more aid to Egypt despite the nation’s vehemently anti-American actions over the last several months. He also slammed other anti-US actions taken by these supposed allies.

The following is a video of Senator Paul’s speech on the Senate floor. I recommend you skip the first 3:45 of the video:

And, in case you were wondering, Alaska’s Senators Murkowski and Begich voted against any limits on Pakistan’s, Libya’s, and Egypt’s foreign aid. All other Senators’ voting records appear HERE, too.

  • Tomtom

    We want the names of the “STUPID” 81 Senators who voted against this Rand effort published on the web and in National papers!!!!!

    • Glockmod23

      Agree with you 100% / I don’t know WHY the Names are Not on here!

      • tomtom

        They are!

    • sonofliberty

      Good idea! Expose all of them and vote them out! One of them is JOHN MCCAN’T.

  • sonofliberty

    Steal Money from Poor American Taxpayers and give to Rich Dictators for what???? OIL? Drill baby Drill and get out the shills! Vote ’em out! Tea Party all the way or bust!

  • claims1

    This is just another of many recent examples whereby our Senate and House are no longer our elected “servants” sent to Washington to represent the interests of their constituents. Most Americans, if not all, feel we should cut off all for foreign aid to Libya, Pakistan and Egypt. So we have 81 votes for the aid, and 10 against; that’s total of 91 – where are the other 9? Did they abstain, or were not present? And how will the 81 explain their vote when they get back home?
    Like I’ve often said “I have the most honest congressman in the world. Our problem is – – yours is a crook!”

  • CaptTurbo

    Note to self: Ten Senators worth retaining. The other 81 to be taken out along with the usurping impostor.

  • ALL foriegn aid should be stopped. period!
    America first!
    If America falls, so does the world!

  • Lizelot

    Illuminating and frustrating. It shows clearly that too many Republicans are RINO’s and vote with the Democrats as a matter of course. We need to pluck those renegades out, too, or we’ll never get anywhere. To see even a Rubio declining to stay pat disappoints me, even though I never saw him as a true conservative anyway. Our entire Congress is a bulwark of socialism thanks to a lot of pretenders. This MUST change. To change the top will help, but will not suffice unless we also change Congress! Otherwise, our nation will be a shadow of its former Self.

  • RocktheBenz

    What does it take to find enough good people that will stand up and look out for the business people and taxpayers? I can’t believe how communistic this country has become.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    Posted this as a “sticky” but-cannot find the names of the 81 Senators who are willing to pay tribute (as did the new US to the Barbary Pirates-until Jefferson got fed up with it and sent the new Navy and Marines (Shores of Tripoli) )—
    If you could reveal their names- I would appreciate it!!