Video: Allen West Says Chris Matthews may be “Off His Meds”

In this short clip, Allen West suggests that Chris Matthew’s ridiculous racism charges reflect he may be “off his meds.”

  • daveveselenak

    What a man’s man! He should have been the GOP’s candidate!

    • Carol-Christian Soldier


  • pocketmouse

    When you see racism every where you look it no longer is others that are racists, it is YOU. Chris Matthews has lost all touch with reality when shortly after Obama got elected, Matthews claimed it was his job to make sure Obama was a success. Even his own colleges looked at him with disgust. Matthews has lost all objectivity, and appears to be mentally imbalanced. There is nothing funny, amusing, or responsible about Matthews charges, he is GUILTY of attempting, by reporting lies, sway the outcome of an election. NBC does itself and the American people harm by allowing this idiot a place to vent his bigotry.