Video: After Obama Apologies, Bangladeshi Muslims Still Torch “Cofin of Obama”

Thousands of Bangladeshi Muslims, protesting the Innocence of Muslims video, marched in Dhaka with a coffin bearing the words “Cofin [sic] of Obama”. After stuffing it with an American flag, the protesters torched it. Keep in mind, that’s after Obama’s repeated apologies for the US pornographer’s anti-Muslim video.

If you look closely, this clip also has a bit of humor. At about 57 seconds into the video, an apparent Imam (in the background) kicks at some boys, almost loses his turban, and then one of his apparent victims seems to yell “Yeow!”

  • Barry_Suxx

    Oh Yeah,,, Here we can all clearly see how Oblamo’s appeasement policies are having such a miraculous effect around the World.

  • pearl87

    Why would any American care what happens over there? They are pathetic and invincibly ignorant. If there were any hope that they could be educated and converted into human beings, it might matter. But they have no desire to be any better than the monkeys that they are.

  • they burned bush, so what’s wrong with burning obama