Video: “That’s Bull Sh*t, That’s Bull Sh*t!” Whoopi Blows Up At Ann Coulter Over Race Comments

Photo credit: Daniel Kruczynski

By the Daily Mail Reporter. This is the moment Ann Coulter wound Whoopi Goldberg up to breaking point as she appeared on The View on Thursday to promote her controversial new book.

Coulter took less than 30 seconds to get under the host’s skin, confidently claiming: ‘I write these books because I try to correct things people believe that are just false.’

Armed with copies of Mugged, she argued that America’s ‘legacy of slavery’ has lead to civil rights only ‘belonging to blacks’, much to Goldberg’s disgust.

As tension mounted around the table, Goldberg demanded of Coulter: ‘Tell me what you know about being black.’

Appearing exasperated to the point of near-speechlessness, Goldberg told her: ‘Your facts are a little shaky. I mean, you’re saying that because liberals have abandoned black people now—what? I don’t get it. I don’t understand.’

‘I don’t think liberals ever cared about black people,’ Coulter said, defending herself and trying to make a case for sympathetic republicans. Read more from this story HERE.

Here’s the video of the exchange here (you can skip forward to the “BS” comments at about 3:55):

  • marineh2ominer

    As with ALL DEMONRATS , when the facts don’t fit , just throw a temper tantrum to distract from them .

    • So true. How did you like the fact that the red head said it was “racist” for BO to be called the “food stamp president”? Gee, he’s been bragging that there are more people on food stamps now than ever. I see nothing in that having ANYTHING to do with being black. But the red headed joke of a “woman” claimed it! What’s her name, Joy or something? That’s what they do! You don’t agree with BO-YOU ARE A RACIST! I guess if people don’t agree with Romney, they must also be racist. Guess that makes me racist both ways since I really don’t like his politics either-still better than BO though! I’m a “bi-racist”!?!? LOL! If only lefitst could see HOW STUPID THEY ARE WITH NON-SENSE!

  • dbassd

    Liberal Democrats are ignorant are they not. Especially the Black ones that dont see that they are being used by the DEM. Coulter does her research very well, much unlike the opinions of Whpoopi. . .
    I see so many entitlement people, and they are all about what society can give them for free. If it was up to me, it would be, “You dont work, you dont eat”
    MLK was a Republican. . .
    The View, is a Racist, communist, Feminist show that is being used by the propaganda machine of this nation, the TV.
    Stop watching TV folks, it is bad for your mental health and your wallet. . .

  • JoeTexan

    Anything that makes Whoopie the bloviating bovine’s head explode is a good thing.

  • What a bunch of cackling hens. WHO WATCHES THESE jokes??? Why did they bother to invite her? Clearly, they don’t WANT her to actually have a chance to back up her views-they hardly let her get a word in. GREAT INDOCTINATION to the audience. As usual, they want to tell people what to think instead of allowing them to think for themselves. Sick.

  • ginger

    Just proves that those “ladies” of the view cannot comprehend words…they STILL have to make everything not Democrap racist. They cannot just get the truth.

  • Whoopie, What do you know about being White ? Ann colter hit the nail on the head. And as far as being a racist you should know a lot since you practice it.

  • My god could Whoopi have looked more stupid. If you are going to challenge a writer or any guest at least have some facts to throw at them.

  • SRW

    Ann is tough. If I was surrounded by a bunch of Democrat old wet hens all spitting on me at the same time I’d be thinking please God get me out of here.

  • reggiec

    It was the Southern Democrats who created the Ku Klux Klan. It was Democratic Party members who fought desegregation. The likes of Bull Connor, George Wallace and Orval Faubus were Democrat figure heads following the party line that segregation had to be kept in place. Since that time somehow the left has convinced a vast majority of minorities that the Republican Party and Conservatives are the racists in our society. I guess this proves that if you tell a lie often enough people will believe it as the truth. The Democrats and others who make a living from racial controversies continue the falsehood by promoting race baiting, false charges of racism and class warfare. If awards were given for history’s greatest myths; the Democrats would get the Nobel Prize for transferring racism from themselves to the Republican Party.
    What should be done is to celebrate those of any race that have prospered using their talent and individual drive to succeed and then encourage all others to do the same. Those who have made a career out of promoting racial victimhood somehow neglect or refuse to recognize that throwing off the victim label allows success. They have the ideology that a minority person who does not actively promote the victimhood mantra is a race traitor.

    • sonofliberty

      You need to go on “The View”.

    • Bob Hauser

      Yes, they were referred to as Dixie-Democrats

  • Goldberg said, “Tell me what you know about being Black?” Ann should have answered, “Tell me what you know about being stupid?”

  • sonofliberty

    Whoopi Goldberg is an admitted Communist and she likes Obama because he’s going to take the money from the rich White or Black folks and give it to the bums on skid road. Not that unemployed Black Americans are bums, nor White unemployed Americans, but here is the biggest point of all…Obama and the Federal Reserve Bankrupters, whom he supports, are responsible in a big part for the destruction of our economy and the fact our Dollar is worth Toilet Paper (as Chinese would say), and has been the reason so many jobs are going out of the country to foreign countries, which will give them more value for their devalued buck (which stops here). Planned Barrenhood destroys more Black Americans than an institution in America…WHY?…because they put their clinics (PURPOSELY) in Black Neighborhoods and Hispanic Neighborhood, because as their leader (Margaret Sanger) wished so many years ago, they must Eugenics style, eliminate the unwanted in Society. Black people are exterminating themselves through Eugenics-Style Democratic Principles of give everyone FREE BIRTH CONTROL AND ABORTIONS! That is Obama leading the Death Cry loud and clear. Get smart people…do your homework….Obama is killing off the Black population through supporting Eugenics Style Birth Control and Abortion practices. ANN COULTER IS PRETTY BRAVE TO FACE 5 LIBERALS ATTACKING HER AND REMAINING MOST COOL AND COLLECT THROUGHOUT IT ALL!

  • sonofliberty

    Another case in point…..Allen West, who is a conservative Black Congressman, is as we speak being attacked by the Democrat Party “Big Time”, and they are taking out all their guns to defeat him….WHY?…because he talks the talk and walks the walk of a True Patriotic Ameircan, and not a Communist Spread the Wealth Sympathizer. Hermain Cain was trashed by Cheap White Women who were paid to destroy his reputation, and I believe this was also done by the Democrat Party to push him out of the race. I believe had Cain remained in the race he would have most likely beat the favored candidate “Mitt Romney”, and would have smeared Obama Big Time. So who’s Racist here? The Democrats are Racist Big Time calling Herman Cain names and Allen West names, two strong Black Republicans who could turn their lies into scrap metal and throw it back at them.

  • What the hell is Whoopie doing representing what or who, ? She’s no
    less than a actoress whom is trained to read from script and then act
    accordinly and has absolutely no foundation as a leading authority on
    white, black, or any other color, subject in question, Whoopie is only a
    celeberty sitting up there giving her opinion on any given subject and
    creating an atmosphere of false representation through her personality
    of stardom influencing all those whom listen to her to judge, regard or
    treat favorably.

  • I would have told Whoopie: ” what do I know? my grandfather owned your grandmother, and he wrote everything down in his journal, how’d your grandma keep records eh?”

  • Bob Hauser

    Just a damned bunch of lame stream media magpies all trying to motor-gab over the tops of each other—-I have no more use for kosher CONservative Ann Coulter, the ambulance chaser, than I do for Whoopie-look-what-just-I-just-dropped Goldberg. And in the real news today….

  • Bob Hauser

    And Barbara the W, you can go crawl into a light socket too as you are just as useless a media maggot as the rest

    • When was she ever worth anything….Never

  • livewire

    She looks like a fat black man and she now sounds like a fat, stupid, black man.

  • livewire

    Joy is a dumbaxx. Asking for voter id and fighting voter fraud is not trying to suppress the black and hispanic vote. It’s trying to keep Democrats from screwing with election results.

  • Wonder why the nasty Goldberg always married white guys? She must be saying something about black guys??Maybe she hates black guys and thinks she would be better off marrying some white dude! As for the white dudes she marries, GOOOOD Grief! What did your mother have to say?

  • Ann Coulter is offensive, plain and simple

  • Barry_Suxx

    The Truth Really HURTS You, doesn’t it whoopie?
    It’s Waay past time for you to stop lying to yourself, and admit that you are an extreme Racist, Anti-American, Anti- Free Enterprise, Anti-Caucasian, Socialist, Newfangled Nazi. (read up on Nazism, and you’ll see exactly how you fit in; only this time it’s Dark Nazism with You and the obamas.)

  • GENE

    That goldberg is about the b iggest bigot and racist broad I can think of. She is fat and ugly and she needs to leave my country right now – she was supposed to have left when President Bush was elected. Oh yes, she is a liar and just a big mouth that is dumb as dirt.