Videos: America Remembers 9-11 Attacks – We Will Never Forget

This video summarizes the events around the US today to memorialize 9-11:

This video is a collage of emotionally-charged images and audio from 9-11:

Finally, this controversial video from ReasonTV asks, “When Did Honoring the Dead Become an Occassion for Fleecing the Living?”:

  • Yes it is a sad day and yes we will never forget that day.
    Parents should show their children what happen on Sept 11th,
    answer questions they may have.
    Otherwise in the future they will be taught this never happen,
    just like they say the Holocaust never happen.

  • siteunseen

    The faces of the people who were standing outside the windows to get air with the look of horror on their faces will haunt me forever.

  • wseward

    The trouble (IS) is that too many Americans FORGOT 9/11 way too soon. Why else would they have elected an Anti-Christian Muslim President?