Biden: Transgender discrimination is ‘civil rights issue of our time’

Vice President Joe Biden described transgender discrimination as the “civil rights issue of our time” after speaking with a woman at a campaign event Tuesday in Sarasota, Fla.

As reported by Politico, Biden singed Linda Carragher Bourne of Sarasota out because of her beautiful eyes. Bourne told reporters that she spoke with the vice president and told him that her daughter was Miss Trans New England and asked if he would help. In response, Biden said the words, “civil rights issue of our time”.

Biden has been very passionate and dedicated when it comes to LGBT issues. It was just this past August in Provincetown, MA that Biden enthusiastically told a group of LGBT advocates that they were “freeing the souls of the American people” and are a symbol for the advancement of “civil rights of every straight American”.

Bourne was encouraged by Biden’s response and believes the Democratic ticket is the country’s best chance of obtaining civil rights for all.

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  • CSN

    Transgender = Mental illness. How many Transgenders commit suicide after they have done it? The numbers are staggering. It is 41%. How’s that for a public problem. Perhaps Bidumb should look at the numbers, then shoot off his mouth. BTW: That is 25 times the rate of the general population, which is 1.6%.

  • That figures, because he and Obama are thinking about getting Married as soon as they get kicked out of office.

  • Homer

    Transgender, = abomination=perverse=Unseemly=UNGodly O’Biden, wrong as can be!

  • Homer

    So what do you call a transgender man/woman..sir or maan or smaam? There is an identity problem here and it is NOT mine!!

  • quarkie009

    Transgender is not a civil rights issue at all. It is a matter of choice. The
    overwhelming majority of transgender cases is done because the person is
    ashamed of their sexual identity and want the government to force the taxpayers to pay for their sex change. If the certain class of people want a
    sex change operation, then they should pay for it out of their own pockets,
    not the taxpayers. Those people had better choose wisely, because it will
    be with them the rest of their lives and choices will always have consequences… good or bad.

  • marineh2ominer

    Transgender is NOT an issue , it is an EXTREMELY small percentage of people with physical and mental problems that need help but like so many mentally ill people they refuse treatment so they can avoid being labeled mentally ill .

  • sandraleesmith46

    Actually this is a mental HEALTH issue; these folks have a behavioral disorder, which they refuse to acknowledge, so will not seek help to recover from, and trying to FORCE the rest of society to “accept” their sickness as “normal” and allow/encourage the dysfunctional behavior is even more sick! The mapping of the genome proved there is NO gene or cluster of genes that causes this disorder; and until the ACLU and homosexual lobbies forced a FISCAL decision on the APA to drop the listing from the DSM IV and V, as a behavioral disorder, NOT a MEDICAL decision, people were so viewed and treatment was available to those who sought it. Now if a person CHOOSES to continue in a dysfunctional behavior that’s his/her right; BUT it’s NOT his/her right to try to FORCE that on the rest of us, or to try to force us to accept it as normal and “honor” it as such either! Ergo, it’s NOT a “civil rights” issue; but one of the mental health of the entire public, both those who ARE sick, and those they would “sicken” with their lie! You can’t distort a reality without doing people serious mental harm!