Bus Driver Tells Pro-Life Student He Should Have Been Aborted

A 12-year-old Wisconsin boy is haunted by the cruel taunt of his bus driver, who told him that his mother should have opted for abortion instead of bringing him into the world…

Debbie Ann Hartlaub said the 81-year-old bus driver had been harassing her son for weeks. She went straight to the bus company with her story and got the woman fired.

Joey [Hartlaub] told Fox that the incident occurred after he and his classmates were chanting ‘Romney! Romney!’ in the back of the bus.

‘She kind of yelled at us, and told me to come up front,’ Joey said.

Then, Joey explained himself, citing President Barack Obama’s pro-abortion politics as the reason for his support of Mitt Romney.

‘Well, maybe your mother should have chosen an abortion for you!’ the bus driver allegedly told the seventh grader.

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  • sooner4ever

    This coming from a school bus driver. Projection at its finest.

  • prairiefire2

    No child should be spoken to in this manner. Don’t know how mom would do it, but I’d sure make enough noise about it there would be some kind of punishment for this mean spirited, bullying driver.

  • wandamurline

    If I could go back in time, I would convince Ann Stanley Durham Obams to abort the ineligible in chief. Now that would be one that I could say would be okay.

  • In my day, bus drivers drove—didn’t say much to anyone!
    Saw only one confrontation during my high school years, and that was a situation whereas the boy involved was making fun of a girl, and the bus driver–a WWII combat vet/college student–took umbrage, and told the boy off.
    Oddly, the boy became a teacher, then a principal, and credited the bus driver with setting him straight.

  • Joe1938

    Regarding some medias’ tear jerker “A political argument with a 12 year old boy costs an 81 year old Wisconsin bus driver her job”; It was not a “political argument” !! It was some radical telling a 12 year old kid that his mother should have killed him before he was born!!!

  • squareWave

    Just when you thought 81 year olds were a menace behind the wheel of a Buick….a whole school bus?!