Congressman’s Son Resigns From Campaign After Videoed in Vote Fraud Scheme in Battleground State (+video)

While the State Board of Elections was investigating one case of alleged voter fraud, board members got word of another case they’d have to probe.

The son of Democratic congressman Jim Moran is resigning from his father’s campaign, according to CBS News, after a video was leaked by a conservative group which says it recorded Patrick Moran talking with an undercover volunteer about a voter-fraud scheme.

“What we’re now seeing is a video that is going to go viral,” says CBS 6 political analyst, Dr. Bob Holsworth. He watched the video and says it’s not clear if Moran was serious or just joking, but, goes on to say the release of such a video comes at a bad time. “This kind of electoral sting is going to get a lot of attention,” says Holsworth.

It’s going to get a lot of attention not just because Virginia is a battleground state, but, because of other cases centered on alleged voter fraud, Holsworth tells CBS 6.

Just last week, Colin Small, who was contracted by the Republican Party to register voters, was arrested, accused of tossing voter registration forms in a Harrisonburg dumpster. Read more from this story HERE.

Here’s the Project Veritas video of the Congressman’s son scheming to commit vote fraud (CAUTION: profanity):

  • wandamurline

    James Okeif is the only investigative reporter we have in America. Thank you James for bringing to the American people the truth of the voter fraud that the Democraps are doing in every state. People wake up or our country will be forever lost. And watch the ballots to make sure that a Democrat’s name is not already checked when you are voting and be a poll watcher and watch to make sure “helpers” are not doing the voting.

  • reggiec

    Voter integrity
    First there is a need to guarantee that everyone who is entitled to vote gets to vote but also that they only vote once. As it stands at present there is no way to prevent a voter from voting in multiple states or in different voting districts. All they need to do is use a fake address confirmed by fake documents to register in different locations.

    Every US citizen is issued a social security number. Require that number to be used to register. Then before the election; require registrars to confirm their voting rolls through the SS Admin. When a person signs in to vote the SS# is entered into a data base. It that number is used more than once it is flagged and investigated. When a death certificate is issued that persons SS # will be entered in the data base as deceased.

    If anyone is convicted of voter fraud or promoting voter fraud they shall be banned from voting for life.
    If anyone is convicted of voter fraud or promoting voter fraud they shall be banned from employment in any governmental employment or elected position for life.
    If any non-citizen of the US attempts to vote or votes they will be deported and banned from entering the US for life.
    Problem solved!!