Deployed US Soldier Begins Sex Change

She’s a lesbian, and almost everyone in her unit knows it.

She wears her hair cropped short and has a distinctly boyish appearance.

And she’s becoming manlier by the day, now that she’s started taking male hormones.

Call her Keith. That’s the name this 26-year-old specialist, now deployed to Afghanistan, plans to take when she completes a transition begun several months ago when she started giving herself testosterone injections every other week, under the direction of a civilian doctor who specializes in gender changes.

“It’s going well. My voice is deeper, I’m getting more muscle. I feel more energy. I feel more like myself,” she told Military Times in a recent interview via Skype from her containerized housing unit in Afghanistan.

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  • kT TK

    Are taxpayers paying for this idiocy???

  • con_c_kwense

    The piece discloses that this…thing?…is actually under the supervision of a civilian doctor because the military would separate this individual…so she refuses to reveal her real name…imagine, a deployed “soldier” in battle, taking sex-change hormones (which IS a no-no in the military) and undergoing such radical treatment ON THE QUIET.
    I would hate to be relying on this…whatever…to cover my rear-end.