Dick Morris: The United Nations is Trying to Become the World’s Government

Photo Credit: United Nations Photo Creative Commons[T]he U.N. is trying to become the world’s government, superseding national sovereignty and making of the world, one nation. And who is to run this global government? The unelected bureaucrats who staff the United Nations. And who will set policy for them? The corrupt, undemocratic nations that comprise the U.N. General Assembly…

The U.N. is an inherently undemocratic institution. Only 45 percent of its members are deemed to be “free” nations by the Freedom Institute. And about one-third of the world’s population –including notably China –are governed, and represented in the U.N., by dictatorial governments.

When the nations of the world sit augustly in the General Assembly chamber behind name plates for each country, the spectacle is deceptive. The delegate from Russia should not be called the representative of the “Russian Federation.” He is the representative of one man — Vladimir Putin. The Chinese delegate should frankly be called the representative of the handful of members of that country’s Politburo. The delegate for Venezuela represents only Hugo Chavez.

To give the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Germany, Japan and the other democracies the same one vote each as the U.N. gives dictatorships is a travesty.

When the U.N. was a forum for negotiation to avoid war, it made sense to take the nations as they come, treating free and not free equally. In avoiding war, it doesn’t matter if the Russian representative only speaks for Putin because it is on Putin’s say-so that a war could be launched.

But if we are talking about a global government, how can we accord one man the same power as the elected leaders of democracies elected by hundreds of millions of voters?

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  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    “[T]he U.N. is trying to become the world’s government,…”

    Hey Dick Morris- do you really think that this is new news?!!!!!
    Many of us in the US have known this for years!!!
    That is why the call “get US out of the UN” was established!

  • m123s

    This Daniel 2:31-35. The 5 kingdoms collapsed in 1, which formed the 6th. kingdom. The second witness is Rev.13:1. This first beast is a One World Political System. Dick Morris is good; The Word is better.

  • gracentruth

    Sounds like Dick Morris has been reading the Bible. Or he has seen the “writing on the wall” that we Bible students have known for years. This is another reason I support Dr. Ron Paul. He is the only one who has said out loud – get out of the U.N. Peace,

    • Grace…. I am with Ron Paul, but the reason he never wins it’s because he is against the elite who “IS REALLY IN CHARG” I would like to know how WE CAN defeat the UN and establish a “WE THE PEOPLE”