Gloria Allred Headed to Court This Morning to Unseal “Explosive” Romney Testimony in Acrimonious Divorce Case

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s character will be called into question if explosive details of his sworn testimony at the acrimonious divorce hearing of former Staples CEO Tom Stemberg, are released to the public today, it has been claimed.

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, who has promised an ‘October surprise’, is due at the 9am hearing in Canton, Massachusetts as the Boston Globe applies to have court records unsealed and a gagging order on the parties involved lifted. Sources close to the case claim the newspaper had received a tip-off that there was ‘juicy information about Romney’ in the sealed documents.

Polls show Romney and President Obama are neck-and-neck two weeks ahead of the election and Allred’s claim may be perceived as latest round in a tit-for-tat battle between supporters of the two candidates.

Yesterday it was reported that business tycoon Donald Trump had unearthed divorce papers of Michelle Obama and the President that would be ‘bordering on gigantic’ and could change the Presidential race.

Mr Stemberg is a key Republican party supporter as well as a close friend and former business partner of Mr Romney’s. Mr Romney reportedly testified about Mr Stemberg’s role as a father to his four sons during his ‘messy’ divorce from first wife Maureen.

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  • CongressWorksForUs

    Sorry, but any judge that releases information like this, no matter what it contains, two weeks before an election should be removed from the bench.

    • ablecynic

      Yes, but that’s what Democratic Judges do all the time. In Massachusetts they aren’t judges as much as DNC party officials with a black robe.

    • but not if he was appointed by Obama of course.

  • LibertysSon

    Ok, I have one question. If the testimony is sealed, how does Allred know what is in it? I mean, knowing that it is damaging and explosive? My personal opinon is that Allred is a threat to the Democratic process. Her and Larry Flint are two sides of the same coin.

    • Barry_Suxx

      Damn-Toot’n !!! This HAG needs to be Disbarred.

    • She’s as much a blow hard show boater as Donald Trump.

  • tommyboy

    Nice try alldead.Maybe we should unseal your psychiatric treatment record.It’s been rumored that she is on antidepressents.

    • CSN

      Can you get that information to Donald Trump? He can get that one on the air also. Believe me, he’d do it!

      • That’s because they are scared and desperate and they know they are losing! Go Romney!!

  • farrightextreme

    Another diversion, this kind of stuff doesn’t matter.

  • tonyd

    I will never vote for a black person again. You can’t criticize Obama without being called a racist. Yet they can do a number on Romney.

    • vietnamvet1971

      Oblammer hides behind the Racist card, when are the Blacks going to get OFF the Plantation of the Lying Liberal Ghetto. The Big Behemoth Bankrupt Bloated Gimme-ment Panders and is self serving. When you spread Trillions of Dollars around “Spread the Wealth” then the term Gimme-ment is true.

    • All you have to do is look at black politicians across the country. Marion Barry got busted with crack and prostitutes, got fired but they voted him back in, why? Cuz he’s black like his constituents. Whenever a state votes a liberal black into a office, rest assured that person will screw it up!

  • Christa

    This is so stupid. Allred is trying to dredge up anything she can (and the DNC) on Romney. His track record is stellar. His divorce hearings are NOT to be included in the race, it’s totally separate. Allred is only trying to distract those who are on the fence, and Dems who are inclined to leave O. Those who really support Romney, and those who are leaning towards him will see this as a scare tactic and an opportunity to try to embarrass Romney. And that’s all it is, a distraction. Those who think with their heads recognize this and will try to avoid it AND her and her mouth spewing lies and hypocrisy.

    GO ROMNEY!!!

    • I think you might want to reread the news article, clearly you missed whose divorce this concerns. Romney’s still married to his first wife.

  • raynbene

    This sort of flagrant abuse of the law profession is just another reason for people to wake up to the total moral bankruptcy of many in public life – and many say, after the Clintoon years, that character doesn’t matter ?? If anything does come out of this old case – it does not affect my opinion of Romney, nor my voting for him ! ! It only reinforces my perception that people like her are simply mean-spirited and un-American !

  • vaquerobob

    Funny how left wing-nuts are not the least bit concerned about getting Obama to unseal his mountain of personal records which he has hidden from public view. The Left’s blatant hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    • Exactly! And there must be some really juicy stuff in there if he won’t take Trump’s $15 million!

  • RLM357

    The only hing keeping them together now is the Free Perks at the Taxpayer’s Expense. I would like a DNA test on the girls. (LOL) Moocherelle cought him with his so-called personal trainer (6 fig salary) and took off to the Mid East suddenly. (I think it was their 7th Vacation i9n 2011) Obama is a 3 dollar bill according to many reliable sources.

  • m123s

    This broom rider is attempting to go after Women; which would be consistant with their made up “war on women”.

  • liberty76

    This is the same kind of slimy destructive personal attack campaign that got Obama elected in Illinois to begin with! Like Mitt said the other night, an attack on him is not a plan for saving America. Obama is just afraid the people will stop his further plundering of this great nation.

  • G. A. is a sad mouthpiece with a boring story she must shout from the rooftops ad infinitum to distract from Trump’s announcement.

  • CSN

    Obama is in panic mode. I already filled out my ballot and will take it to our County Elections Office on the day of the election. People who vote early are not using their head. They can take your vote and dump it. You walk it into the election headquarters and they have to take it and count it. I don’t care about someone else’s divorce proceedings, nor if Mitt Romney told a lie about his friends credibility or whatever, because frankly it is all smoke and mirrors. What Obama has done for 4 years now, which is continuously lying to the American people, complicit with the Muslim Brotherhood, and Communist Party USA, as well as over regulating Coal and Oil Industry, as well as our local Farmers and Dairy Farmers, is well beyond the norm, and as Donald Trump said, “If Obama is re-elected Oil Prices are going through the roof. He made a deal with the Saudi’s to keep oil prices at current level, but once he’s elected they’ll go through the roof. Depend on it….another 4 years of Obama and we’re Greece.

  • cojo

    Look, if we can tolerate former President Clinton involved in sex acts with a young subordinate, we can certainly look past either Allred’s attempted media assisnation of yet another GOP candidate or Trump’s exposure of an Obama divorce. I’m more concerned about the economy, jobs, uncontrolled spending by the Spendocrats (Dems & GOPs), the lies about Libyia and “Fast & Furious.”

  • ginger

    Gosh, wonder when she will go after obama’s records?? any guesses??? she is an ambulance chaser and one heck of a loser.

    • Hahaha I wouldn’t hold my breath on her going after Obama’s records!

  • The Goat

    What a skank, as someone previously mentioned she would find true facts about the Prez if she just opened the book to page 1. She is beyond a “ambulance chaser” in the worst way.

  • bobmann101

    Interesting she chose to go after Romney. She should do the same with this illegal, unqualified, phony, lying, foreign national, Muslim POTUS! Romney is neither a foreign national nor a Muslim. How does she know what is isnthe records if they are sealed?

    This woman wants people to believe she makes her money from exploited women while all along SHE is the one exploiting the women!

    I am more concerned with who is in Congress more then who is POTUS.

  • mike grunewald

    I can’t believe so many Jewish Attorneys become scum just look at the ACLU and so many politicians I don’t find many Doctors ,electricians,carpenters etc as corrupt politicians

  • jausten2

    This is typical of the Corrupt Obama Machine…he is known for unsealing sealed docs and leaking info right before an election…but so what if Romney was involved in a divorce case? Is that supposed to trump the fact that Bath House Barry had 2 of 3 gay lovers done away with before running for election, using and selling coke in college, arming drug cartel, lying about Libyan terrorist attack…and you know just basically destroying the US on every level.

    Obama is a treasonous snake and is being illegally funded by foreign countries where he is sending US jobs and US money!

  • Josie

    If they can unseal records for Romney then why can’t we unseal Oboob’s records that we should have seen and known about all along? Frankly at this point I don’t care what they come up with to slander Romney, Oboob will not get my vote. Did not vote for him the first time and sure as hell won’t vote for him now. REMEMBER NOVEMBER folks, vote for Romney and it will be one step closer to saving our country. Once we do that then we can begin to solve other issues.

    Also I’m not quite clear on who’s divorce these papers are supposed to be on – did Romney get a divorce before he married Ann? or was he a witness at someone elses case, which would involve the privacy of another.

    • First sentence makes this pretty clear. “divorce hearing of former Staples CEO Tom Stemberg” … followed by “Mr Romney reportedly testified about Mr Stemberg’s role as a father”

      • Josie

        Yes Ben but with all the hoopla and stir that I was hearing I thought perhaps I was missing something. I have since read more on the case and waht was “unearth” – A BIG earth shatering ZIP I got it. Thanks for the comment.

  • con_c_kwense

    Donald Trump is described as “the eccentric real-estate mogul” in a piece speculating on HIS upcoming revelations about obama’s divorce papers…

    This despicable, democrat sk ank is referred to as “Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred”…
    ..this really is not a surprise. obama’s career was only made possible by unsealing the sealed records of his opponents…in fact, there wouldn’t be a democrat party PERIOD if it were not for racism, bigotry, lies, deceit, dirty-tricks and cover-ups,..

    And if the speculations of the contents of the “surprise” are accurate, it sounds to me that the perceptions of Mr. Romney’s character will be enhanced…he actually testified his principles…

    …I realize having principles and scruples and acting on them is an alien concept to democrats.

  • What about opening up all of the sealed records odumbo is hiding at a tune of 2 million dollars? Why aren’t the Repubs pushing for this?

  • Joanne13

    I don’t know that there could BE a more despicable, DISGUSTING women than Gloria Allred! She’s the lowest form of bottom feeder, like a spider waiting in her den for someone to stick her venom into. She is to be PITIED as far as I’m concerned. And this ‘revelation’ she’s dug up sounds every bit to me like NOTHING more than a ‘woman scorned’ who has never been able to let go of the past and just LIVE. I feel nothing but sadness that such people like this are free to roam the country.

  • Phil F

    Don’t the Stembergs have a right to privacy here? They sealed their records for personal reasons and it’s nobody elses business but theirs and certainly not Allreds or the Boston Globe.

  • Lol, I”m sure when all the facts come out, her face will be ALL RED! Typical liberal move, when you don’t have anything else, dig up some friend’s ex. It didn’t work when John King pulled it on Newt Gingrich and it won’t happen when they pull it on Mitt Romney!

  • sealed? gag order. Wait I thought Obama was the one sealing his documents? Oh brother

  • Gloria Allred is like Obama….narcissistic! They both think so highly of themselves. They have to have attention and they will do and say anything to get it. They both give judges and lawyers a bad name…disgusting. I have absolutely no respect for ither one!