Henry Kissinger: “In 10 Years, There Will Be No More Israel”; Egypt’s President Prays for Jews’ Destruction (+video)

By Alexander Maistrovoy. Henry Kissinger’s recent statement, that in 10 years Israel will cease to exist, borders on senile. Although one of his staff members denied it, Cindy Adams from New York Post insisted: “Reported to me, Henry Kissinger has stated — and I quote the statement word for word: ‘In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.’”

Kissinger is a controversial figure. He can hardly be suspected of excessive sympathy for Israel. He perhaps, inclines to the “syndrome of self-hatred” so fashionable nowadays in the Jewish elite. At the same time, Kissinger is not an exalted pop-diva, cheap populist or rebellious professor. He is an experienced, prudent politician who takes responsibility for his utterance.

What drove him to such a dramatic conclusion? Is there a real and grave threat to Israel?

Let’s try to analyze the situation. The first impression is rather unfavorable. Israel has been in the midst of historic upheaval. The political structure of the Middle East that existed since Camp David agreement has collapsed, forming a giant cloud of dust and chaos, from which the new threatening reality can crystallize.

America under Obama is deserting the Middle East. The future of Europe becomes more vague as it loses its perspective. Iran becomes a regional power with nuclear weapons while Turkey — recently a strategic ally of Israel — craves Ottoman greatness. Read more from this story HERE.

Perhaps related to Kissinger’s prediction, here’s a video of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi praying for the destruction of Israel:

  • Barry_Suxx

    Morsi, you Fascist imbecile, just go and ‘Try Something’ against Israel. But before you do, perhaps you’d better brush up on your Hebrew enough to find-out exactly what happens to anyone who dares.

    • Dodi

      May I say Nebuchadnezzar II hmmmmm? 🙂

  • daiquiridon44

    Read the Bible you old turd. Israel will outlast every nation on earth. They are GOD’s chosen. Jesus will set up his kingdom there. Proof is in the Bible!! Read and be informed. Now, go ahead atheists, take me to the cleaners!

    • Homer

      That’s good bro, but I think you took them to the cleaners…and they don’t like it!! Israel will OUTLAST evry other nation…God said it and that settles it!!

    • Dodi

      Israel lasted about 344 years in ancient history from 930 BC to 586 BC as the Kingdom of Judah and 930 BC to 720 BC as kingdom of Israel. The new Israel started in 1948 til today. That’s 64 years so that gives Israel 408 years in existence. So I don’t what kind of evidence are you using to make your inverted statements about outlasting this or that if they couldn’t last 5 centuries til now and they have been run over by everybody including earthworms and sacked and enslaved so many times!!

    • Hunter

      Israel was a chosen people, for a time, however they committed the ultimate blasphemy in Killing Christ. They enjoy no special dispensation, they must humble themselves and accept Christ as their personal savior or can have absolutely no confidence in a salvation apart from Him. Muslim or Hebrew, all must bow at the Lordship of Christ. America should support Israel as the only democratic nation in the middle east, not because they are anything special before God. They are NOT your brothers as a Christian, just as the Christian Arabs that were left to the slaughter by Israel after the wars of the 70’s, or those in Christian churches blown up by Jewish zealots even today.

      • lana

        what kind of crist hater are you? read the history…Jesus was not only a Jew…he was raby. His mother was a Jew. His followers where Jews. Jesus never thought of himself other than a Jew. He called himself the king of Jews. His last supper was selebrating Jewish holiday. If you do not repsect His beleaves, you are not a tru cristian. Romans killed him. Jews gave a life to Jesus. He would not exist if not for Jews. Jesus is the Jew you all praying to. You have a religion because Peter (the Jew) and Poul (the Jew) SPREAD IT TO YOU. You owe your religion to Jewish people. You would have nobody to pray for if Jesus would not be delivered be a Jewish woman. Stupidity will be your demise.

        • Hunter

          Well Here is your problem trying to re-write history. Firstly, The official Roman position was decreed by Pontius Pilot – “I find no fault in this man”, Secondly and certainly more concerning, was the response of the Jews (Agreed his own, blood people) “Let His blood be on us and our children” – Wow, and you say stupidity will be my demise? Sin is my demise, yet Grace my Saviour, Thanks to Christ.

          • Gloria

            what kind of crist hater are you? read the history…Jesus was not only a Jew…he was raby. His mother was a Jew. His followers where Jews. Jesus never thought of himself other than a Jew. He called himself the king of Jews. His last supper was selebrating Jewish holiday. If you do not repsect His beleaves, you are not a tru cristian. Jews gave a life to Jesus. He would not exist if not for Jews. Jesus is the Jew you all praying to. You have a religion because Peter (the Jew) and Poul (the Jew) SPREAD IT TO YOU. You owe your religion to Jewish people. You would have nobody to pray for if Jesus would not be delivered be a Jewish woman. Stupidity will be your demise. YEAH HUNTER SHE’S RIGHT. SHE OWNED YOU!

    • Sam Uley’ s Wolf Pack…

      those people in Israel today are not the true jews….the true jews are Black…

  • Barry_Suxx

    Daiquiridon44: You gotta give Morsi a hand for “Praying For His Own Death Wish”. How arrogant and stupid is That? (I wouldn’t wanna be within 1000-miles of that guy)

  • James

    When you consider that our boy Henry started the Oil Cartel
    in the Middle East countries it becomes clear that he
    does not like Israel. This a** hole is the reason we are paying all
    this money for gasoline and the reason the Muslims can finance all their
    bombing and terrorist.

  • Homer

    HOW MUCH do you want to bet! I’d bet all I had against this falicy Mr. Kissinger. Israel has been around longer than any nation on the face of the earth, and even after 70 a.d. after the Jews were dispersed to the 4 corners of the world, they are back in israel and their customs and traditions and all that makes a jew a Jew has NOT ceased! In fact every other nation will cease to be a nation beofre israel ceases to be one! YOU are a FOOL…Mr Kissinger, because it is GOD who has given israel life,and ONLY he can take it away!! P.S. look at history, every nation that has gone up against Israel to destroy it has gone away and has ceased to be a nation. i.e. Ammorites, Perisites, gergisites, Hivites, etc they no longer exist…Thus the same will be for any oyther nation that goes against Israel!

    • Dodi

      I really like your enthusiasm, but you may only apply it to foosball, why don’t you go back to trading baseball cards on eBay I think you’ll find it more fun.

    • Hunter


    • Me

      Not all the faithful fled the land in 70AD, after over 2000-years (70AD-1900’s) over 300,000 had returned to Palestine establishing settlements and living in peace. It was about 2000-years later that secular calling themselves Zionist, wanted British help (year-1917) to set up ‘settlements’ in Palestine. The nation (State) of Israel today is man made, with all the connotation’s that this involves. The Sementic people you mention have descendent found all over the Middle East, verse says that one day ‘nations will perish from the land’, perhaps Kissinger is belatedly realizing truth.

  • Homer

    Someone doesn’t remember what happened to Egypt when the Jews were there and he wouldn’t let them go…God eventually killed him and destroyed Egypt! That is exactly what will happen to EVERY other nation to go against Israel, if they go against them! This is a “SPIRITUAL” matter w/the hatred of israel..people don’t recognize that! If you are a child of God…Israel matters and is beloved of the people of God and if you are not….then you hate israel! I love the Jewish brethren, and PRAY for them!!

    • Dodi

      God only destroyed Pharaoh and his army by drowning them in the sea. He did not destroy Egypt and that is why Egypt exists today, while Troy for example does not. Second, the Jews had Moses with them to follow at the time and he showed them the right path and that is why God saved them. Today they have Netanyahu and Obama and those are more like Pharaoh not Moses so your analysis fails miserably. God will destroy Israel and its supporters will be swallow their tongues in amazement. Just stay tuned for 10 more years.

      • Who do you think provided Moses and Netanyahu? Who do you think created and protects Israel? Has Israel been been perfect and never disobeyed GOD their creator? No, they and all all of us who have a heritage in the LORD as Christian people, saved by the blood of CHRIST, have an unbreakable covenant with GOD ALMIGHTY. He will not forsake it.

        Isaiah 59:21 As for Me, this is My covenant with them, saith the LORD; My SPIRIT that is upon thee, and My words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed’s seed, saith the LORD, from henceforth and for ever.

        Isaiah 14:26 -27 This is the plan determined for the whole world; this is the hand stretched out over all nations.
        For the LORD ALMIGHTY has purposed, and who can thwart Him? His hand is stretched out, and who can turn it back?
        Isaiah 40:5 And the glory of the LORD will be revealed, and all mankind together will see it. For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.—
        Isaiah 45:12 Thus saith GOD the LORD, ” I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, even My hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded.”


        Pharoh made sure Moses is fed well and have good education but Moses like Jews always complain are never thankful for other help. For all USA has done for Israel, They try to divide us, It is not in Jewis blood to wish well of any one, gentile christians included.

    • GOD will never allow the destruction of Israel because they are not only important on the world stage as a physical state and nation, but Israel is a figurative picture of the entirety of LORD’s people for all time, and that includes all of us who have a heritage in the LORD as Christian people, saved by the blood of CHRIST.
      So talk all you want about the destruction of Israel—it ain’t gonna happen. Sure wouldn’t want to be Obama or anyone else that opposes Israel though—GOD’s wrath and judgement for those will not be held back indefinitely and none that hold that opinion without repentance now will escape it.

      • Peter Thomas

        Just a little patience, you’ll see the same GOD’s judgment turns against your Israel as we Know the GOD for his Justice and mercy to the mankind, but his punishment against tyrannous.


        Amy: If you are sos sure why are you keeping thos 200 nukes ofr. Do you worry God may kick your ass outof Israel that is the first reason so many of you are in USA, Go to Israel all of you and rejoice in your Gods gift the land of Israel. You get God but for making a iiving you go to Egypt and Europe and any ware you can feed your belly. If you all go back to Israel, you will fight with each other and destroy what Lord has given you. You are not wortjy of God, any God

    • Peter Thomas

      As long as I remember, Israel is always living a critical moment, nobody can live up to the limit forever and this includes your beloved Israel. open your eyes dude, Israel received its statehood’s right from the United Nations, and if today the very same matter is being put to vote, the human community would give a big NO to this bunch of Tyrants who are threatening the world peace. So you are way too close to disappearance as people are getting united around the world against you by watching the little kids slaughtered. The kind of GOD you are claiming to protect Israel is the Satan who is doomed to vanish, so do Israel.

    • Shekelbergstein

      Cause that’s real, right? right guise?

  • RLM357

    HENRY kISSINGER has been involved with many past and present Presidents. He is on the Steering Committee for the Builderberg and is a member of the Tri-Lateral Commission. He wants the The New World Order ! I have Never Trusted him and still don’t. Beware of him and George Soros! ~Rick Magee, FL

  • m123s

    The genology of the House of Israel is found in many places in the King James; two good places is 1Chron.1, and Matt.1. Truth = freedom.

    • Me

      Genology has absolutely nothing to do with those (people) faithful in covenant, and saying all ‘Muslims’ will be killed is not only foolish, but in evident error… a great nation was made as a promise. Most looking for a false messiah (killer) are speaking of the forth trumpet, who gather’s his servants in military term called Gog and Magog.

      The House of Israel and House of Judah were at the time a divided people, before the regathering in last days are said will be rejoined.

  • Robert Hauser

    That’s very good actually if true…because that will mean that in ten ears there won’t be an more Henry Kissingers to sell out our national sovereignty to the global banksters. But then the planet and particularly this country most likely won’t have anything like ten years left the way things are going south.

  • Robert Hauser

    “Syndrome of self-hatred” in jew-boy Kissinger?….who insists upon being referred to as “Your Excellency”?…surely, Mr. “news editor” you have been spending way too much of your time in a Beltway shooting gallery.

  • liberty76

    Keep in mind that Kissinger is part of the Bilderberger group that continues to push for a One World Government. He is neither a patriot or a loyal Jew. there will be a great war, but Israel will prevail. Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, and Saudi Arabia will all be destroyed and Israel will expand its borders to reflect the ‘land given to Abraham’ by God.

    • Dodi

      Wow…bravo….bravooooo!! You are genius! If all of NATO couldn’t take on the Taliban rebels, you expect Israel to take on half of the Muslim world AND prevail?! I’ve got to get me some of that stuff you be smoking. Israel is about 150 miles long and 40 miles wide, you know if only the people living in Cairo alone just line up against it and fart then they’d sack Israel.

      • Gloria

        you know that’s not quite true. Japan, for example, is a little country but it was more powerful than China back then in WWII, China had a lot of population but Japan would have won all China if it hasn’t been for the USA intervention

  • John Jediny

    Wrong again Chisr will come back and Kill most of the Muslems…

  • Michael

    Yeah I like that “Israel will outlast every nation on earth” & why not, cause God is on Israel’s side and there nothing better that God likes than dead Reds eh er ….Palestinians… and of course, Israelis work hard at doing God’s work don’t they

    • Dodi

      Looks like you’re gonna be the first one that Christ’ll come after if you’re still alive when he returns!

    • Hunter

      God is on the side of the elect, NOT the political nation of Israel. “Where there is no longer Jew or Greek”

  • This is false!
    No one can deny that the US really controlling the Middle East area, where it let no regime objects the economical-political benefits it gains. Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood couldn’t jump to Egypt’s ruling chair except through an alliance with the White House. It’s done now, and Muslim Brotherhood do what’s been said to them, they can not disobey the US orders at least for now, however the US can feel their failure so seeking another alley who highly could be one of the non-Islamist parties or a public figures like Sabahy — especially while his population growing bigger and bigger everyday with some kind of wide rebellious-honest reputation. The White House will never let there be any real democracy reflects people’s own free will as it will not only lose control above the area, but it will be kicked out as well. I know Kissinger but I see the statement just could be described as poor vision.

  • Regni

    Your conclusions are ridiculous!

  • Kraid

    Revelation 2:9
    I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

  • Palestine belongs to Palestinians, not to fake Ashkenazi Jews …..like Malcolm-X put it: The Zionist argument to justify Israel’s present occupation of Arab Palestine has no intelligence or legal basis in history….not even in their own religion….

  • KurtofLA

    The book title that applies to Kissinger is ” Hunde wollt Ihr ewig leben?”
    This dickhead has done a lot of damage to America with his arrogance and our total loss in Vietnam

  • Freddi Idan Knox

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha those are not Jews in Israel, you white people have got to stop the jokes, come on whites in Africa, when?