Justice Kagan: I’m Probably a Supreme Court Justice Because I’m a Woman

Justice Elena Kagan said she was “not sure” if President Barack Obama would have nominated her to the Supreme Court if she had not been a woman.

During a talk before law students on Friday at the University of Tennessee Law School, Kagan said, “And to tell you the truth, there were also things that I got because I was a woman. I mean I’m not sure I’d be sitting here.”

“I’m not sure that I would’ve been President Obama’s nominee if I weren’t a woman,” she said. “And if he wasn’t as committed as he was to ensuring that there was diversity on the Supreme Court.”

“So, mostly what I think when I think about this question is how far we’ve come and how much I owe — and all the women who have come after me owe– to people like Justice Ginsburg and Justice O’Connor,” she said.

Kagan was initially asked by Dean of Tennessee Law School Doug Blaze, “It’s been a remarkable career, and you’ve been quite a pioneer along the way. [The] first woman to be Dean of the Harvard Law School, first woman solicitor general of the United States. You’re now the fourth woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court and one of three presently serving.”

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  • marineh2ominer

    It is certainly not because she cares about her OATH to uphold the laws of this country or its constitution . She is , just as is Obamass , entirely unqualified for the position he gave her for her work on obamacare , for which she should have recused herself for that very reason . Mata Hari would have been a better justice , or even tokyo rose for that matter . It wasn’t afirmative action that got her there , it was pity for her for being so UGLY .

  • ayn fidel

    She’s a Supreme court Judge because she’s a communist lesbian. She didn’t get it for her looks, that’s for sure!

  • ivdad

    She definitely wasn’t chosen because of her judicial experience or ethics.