Obama Clings to Slim but Shrinking Leads in Virginia, Minnesota

Obama’s Virginia Lead Shrinking

Amy Gardner and Scott Clement. President Obama is clinging to a slender four-point lead over Republican Mitt Romney in Virginia as both sides ramp up already aggressive campaigns in the crucial battleground state, according to a new Washington Post poll.

Obama outpolled Romney, 51 to 47 percent, among likely Virginia voters, although he lost the clearer 52-to-44 percent advantage he held in mid-September.

Unlike in the Washington Post-ABC News national tracking poll, Obama still has an edge when Virginia voters are asked who better understands people’s financial problems, and he has not fallen behind a surging Romney on the question of who would better handle the national economy. Nor has Obama lost significant ground among self-identified independents in Virginia, as he has nationally.

The results underscore the importance of swing states like Virginia, with its 13 electoral votes, as both campaigns seek to secure a path to the 270 electoral votes needed for victory.

Perhaps the poll’s most striking insight concerns the many voters the two campaigns have contacted in Virginia this fall. A staggering 44 percent of likely voters polled said they had been contacted by the Obama campaign; 41 percent said the same of Romney’s. More than one in four had heard from both campaigns. Read more from this story HERE.

And Obama is Losing Ground in Minnesota, Too

By Rachel Stassen-Berger. As the presidential race tightens across the country, a new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll has found that it is narrowing here as well, with President Obama holding a 3-point lead and Republican Mitt Romney making gains in the state.

The poll shows Obama with support from 47 percent of likely voters and Romney earning backing from 44 percent — a lead within the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

Last month, Obama had an 8-percentage point advantage in the Minnesota Poll. Romney has apparently cut into the Democrat’s advantage among women since then and picked up support from Minnesotans who were previously undecided or said they would vote for a third-party candidate.

Independents, on the other hand, are leaning more toward Obama. Barely a third supported him last month, but that number has grown to 43 percent. Romney’s support among independents remains virtually unchanged, with 13 percent of that group remaining undecided.

In an indication of how close the race has become, both campaigns have started airing ads in the state targeting Minnesota and western Wisconsin voters. Read more from this story HERE.

  • Bob

    Message to all Democrats….are you tired of being misrepresented by an administration that is willing to sacrifice national soveriegnty and personal liberties in favor of radical special interests? Are you tired of the Department of Justice attacking state law enforcement officials (Joe Arpaio) and giving automatic weapons to drug cartels (Fast and Furious)? Are you tired of hearing the former Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) say stupid things like “we have to approve the bill (Obamacare) before we see what is really in it”? Are you tired of your president bowing before foreign kings and apologizing for America’s behavior all the way back to the time we freed Europe from Nazi Germany? Are you tired of your president going golfing instead of fixing the economy, going on “The View” instead of meeting with our close allly Benjamin Netanyahu, and going to campaign fund raisers instead of dealing with the murder of 4 Americans at the Libyan embassy? Is this really the party you want to be associated with? If not, do what Ronald Reagan did when the Democratic Party abandoned his beliefs and values in the 60′s. Cast off your chains and make a break for true freedom and AMERICA.