Out-of-Control Judiciary: Federal Judge Orders Expert Opinion on Whether Electrolysis is Necessary for Sex Change Murderer

The federal judge who last month ordered taxpayer-funded sex-change surgery for transsexual wife-killer Robert Kosilek is now forcing the state prison system to hire an expert to determine whether he needs electrolysis hair-removal treatment.

U.S. District Court Chief Judge Mark L. Wolf issued the order today, telling the Department of Corrections to identify the expert by Nov. 2 “to evaluate Kosilek to determine whether electrolysis is medically necessary, and/or to provide the electrolysis, if it is ordered to do so.”

A state prison doc testified in 2010 that Kosilek doesn’t need the treatment; that doctor, Robert Deiner, will be called to testify again at a Nov. 19 hearing.

The Department of Corrections refused to comment on today’s order.

Wolf, in a landmark ruling last month, ordered the surgery for Kosilek, 63, an MCI-Norfolk lifer who suffers from gender-identity disorder and sued the state to provide sex-change surgery in 2006. Wolf ruled the surgery was “a serious medical need” and to deny the surgery would violate Kosilek’s protection against cruel and unusual punishment.

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  • gwedem5995

    I was just relaying this story to someone the other day when they were applauding the judicial system. How can a man who is a criminal get these kinds of benefits and taxpayers expense. The judge should be strung up. I hope the people who appoint him or vote for him get him out and then he should be tried for malfeasonce of duty.

    • thomacx

      The person that was applauding the judicial system should be strung up as well!

  • Homer

    This is a man who is beyond past feeling: his mind is shot thru, no rhyme or reason for this decision to be made the way it was made! How about the killing of his wife, was that addressed or was it not an issue?

  • Bill

    I need viagra and two girls to address my emotional needs…

    Why not.

    Just kidding of course, but where does it stop?