Revealed: JFK’s Secret Cuban Missile Speech Announcing Start of “World War III”

“My fellow Americans, with a heavy heart, and in necessary fulfillment of my oath of office, I have ordered – and the United States Air Force has now carried out – military operations with conventional weapons only, to remove a major nuclear weapons build-up from the soil of Cuba.”

These are the words President Kennedy almost delivered in October 1962 announcing what could have been World War III. This draft speech is among several thousand drafts, letters, and handwritten notes from Robert F. Kennedy’s personal files that have just last week been opened at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.

Robert Kennedy’s writings make vivid how close we came to the brink of war. Had President Kennedy been forced to choose a response in the first 48 hours after an American spy plane discovered the Soviets sneaking nuclear-tipped missiles into Cuba, RFK had no doubt that his brother would have chosen an air strike against the missile sites, followed by an invasion. As he wrote in his notes while discussing this option, “if we go in, we go in hard.”

Had the United States launched an airstrike and invaded Cuba, the Soviet commander on the scene would almost certainly have responded with about 100 tactical nuclear weapons under his control – tactical nuclear weapons JFK did not even know were on the island. The US would have felt compelled to respond in kind triggering an escalation to nuclear Armageddon. As RFK later recalled, the Executive Committee of the National Security Council advising JFK during the crisis was full of “bright, able dedicated people, all of whom had the greatest affection for the US, [but] if six of them had been President…the world might have been blown up”.

Instead of the air strike, JFK initially chose to impose a naval blockade on further arms shipments to Cuba. Yet as the Soviets rushed to complete construction of missiles already in Cuba so that they could be fired against American cities, US planning for the air strike was refined.

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  • WVF

    I remember the Cuban missile crisis very well, and President Kennedy did exactly what he should have. He stopped them dead in their tracks! He knew that the Russians were a bunch of cowards, and that he had the upper hand, and he was not going to back down. Nikita Chruchev was not about to commit suicide for a handful of Cubans.

  • Barry_Suxx

    I agree with you WVF.
    I remember ‘The Drills’, but being so young I was to ignorant to understand what it all REALLY meant. We had no idea we were on the verge of becoming ‘a Giant Smoking Hole’.
    It’s a great GREAT wonder that we survived those intense few days,,,, when our infamous Dooms-Day-Clock inched right up to “One Minute Before Midnight”. (perhaps even “seconds away”).
    Interestingly though, the more details we learn about this, the more we learn how REALLY close we got. A few years ago, the briefings suggested to the Experts that we got to 3 or 2 minutes till Midnight.