Romney Colorado Rally “Epic” (+video)

By far the grandest event of his campaign in Colorado to date, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney seemed taken aback for a moment when he took the stage to thunderous applause from 10,000 supporters.

Many more were not able to get seats in Red Rocks Amphitheater to see Romney appear with his running mate Paul Ryan.

The entire event seemed to be built specifically to project an image of confidence and control for the Romney campaign.

That theme came through in Romney’s speech. Early on, he belittled President Barack Obama’s campaign.

“Look at the Obama campaign, it’s reduced to talking about smaller and smaller things,” said Romney. “They’re talking about saving characters on Sesame Street. They’re talking about silly word games. Day in and day out there is one attack after the other. Attacks on us, that does not make an agenda for the future.”

The visuals were designed to compliment this image of confidence.

The crowd towered up from the stage, and supporters in colored shirts formed the shape of a Colorado flag as Romney logos in blue light splashed on to the red rocks towering to the sides of the crowds. Read more from this story HERE.

Here’s the local news report on the Romney campaign event:

  • colo43

    I heard that traffic was backed up for miles and miles on 470..
    sure glad i had not attempted to go.

  • Barry_Suxx

    Well I imagine that after being barraged with so much Hot Air from an Empty Suit spewing Empty Promises, our Friends in Colorado simply couldn’t contain their exuberance over seeing a Candidate with Real Experience for a change.

  • raynbene

    I have been to 2 rallies here in Cleveland, one with Romney and one with Ryan, who had Condoleeza Rice with him – it was not as big, but the enthusiasm was there, believe me ! I think most clear-thinking people can’t wait to vote obuma OUT in 2 weeks ! ! I know I can’t ! !

  • CSN

    Did you see the Democrats for Romney signs behind him at the event? I hope it rings true for 3/4 of the USA or more. God Bless America and please don’t let Obama get another 4 years at the expense of the innocent unborn babies, and freedom of religion.

  • Maryanne

    More like 15,000 and many turned away