Romney Wins Debate on Critical Issues

President Obama showed up ready to rumble last night at the Hofstra University, unfortunately for him, so did Mitt Romney.

But Romney had to debate the President and a mediator who thought she had to pitch in to help out the President if he appeared in trouble. Candy Crowley interrupted Romney 28 times, while she only admonished Obama 9 times for exceeding his time.

There are analysts saying President Obama scored some debate points and critiqued Romney for not taking advantage of clear openings to land a knockout blow on Obama. But when the “fog of the debate” clears, polls will show that Mitt Romney has picked up more support from the American electorate.

Some after the debate flash polls showed that Obama had an edge in the debate. But the question asked was who was the most improved from the Denver debate, of course that was Obama….and who performed close to expectations: Romney.

The left leaning CNN poll shortly after the debate showed that Romney had a 58-40 edge on the issue of economics/who had the best plan for righting our economic ship.

Additionally Romney had the edge in the following 3 key areas:

• Taxes 51-44

• Solving budget deficit 59-36

• Healthcare 49-46

President Obama still had a slight edge on Mitt Romney when it comes to foreign policy. But ominously for President Obama, the Benghazi attack on our consulate and murder of 4 Americans is becoming a big issue. Additionally it seems Al Quaeda and terrorism didn’t disappear from the scene when Osama Bin Laden was killed.

Another key item that will vex President Obama, is the sky high cost of gasoline plaguing American motorists and businesses. Last night Mitt Romney was able to lay that blame squarely on the shoulders of Obamas last 4 years of energy policy.

Political scientist Frank Luntz monitored a panel of 21 voters, many of whom previously voted for Obama in 2008. After the debate a majority of them said they will be voting for Romney.

A newly released Gallup Poll showed that Mitt Romney has jumped to a national lead against President Obama 51-45.

Romney’s popularity in the national polls is making a difference in swing states that were formerly assumed to be President Obama’s, or were leaning his way. They are now very close or leaning Romney.

Pundits might say they give the edge to Obama in points in this last debate, but the points that really matter to Americans all belong to Mitt Romney.


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