Soldiers Guarding Tomb of Unknown Soldier Even in Hurricane Sandy (+video)

By Cecelia Hanley. A photo is being shared all through the internet of soldiers guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery through a storm.

While the photo showing three soldiers in front of the tomb is from September of this year, the fact remains that the “Old Guard” is currently standing guard in Hurricane Sandy’s 90 mph winds.

The Old Guard, which is the name for the 3rd Division Infantry Regiment, is the official Army Honor Guard, has escorted presidents since World War II and provides military funeral escorts at Arlington National Cemetery. The unit also provides security for Washington during a national emergency.

The cemetery itself is closed due to the storm, but some funerals were held this morning, according to the regiments Facebook page. The photos attached to this article are from this morning.

The Old Guard has continually guarded the tomb since 1948. Read more from this story HERE.

Although Hurricane Sandy packed 90 mph winds, the weather was calmer at the time this video was taken on Monday:

  • Joe1938

    The average American does not realize how fortunate we are to have such dedicated young people. These kids and those we (our government) have scattered through the world will never get enough recognition for the sacrifices they make.

    • RicknRedmond

      These soldiers who guard the tomb are not “kids”, nor are their contemporaries throughout the world. They are grown men who answer the call of duty, above and beyond.

      • Joe1938


        You are right partner in that “They are grown men who answer the call of duty, above and beyond”. However, they did not start out that way.

        Have you served? In boot camp, there were about 40 of us in my company and every one of us was a snotty nose kid when we landed in boot camp. Most of us became grown men in about 8 weeks. Even so, we were still just a bunch of kids who thought it was impossible to die.

        Thanks for a good post.

  • Irving Schmidtlapp

    Ahem, call them kids or men, they are American Soldiers doing the gut work that keeps us free!

    • Joe1938

      That is the bottom line Irving! I have to say that 99%+ of my mates were willing to give all their tomorrows so that our fellow Americans could have all their tomorrows.