Sources: Recordings of Benghazi Defenders “Begging for Help” are “Damning” But Obama Still Says He’s Offended (+videos)

On Fox this evening, Hannity discusses the Benghazi cover up with left-leaning Juan Williams. Hannity debates whether or not Obama should release the audio recordings relating to the attack and the defenders like Ty Woods who came to the consulate’s aid.

Hannity said about the tapes, “My sources say they’re pretty damning, they’re begging for help.” Juan Williams responds that he had not heard that from anyone. Hannity retorts, “You learn it here first”:

In a subsequent interview with former Senator Fred Thompson, Hannity plays a clip of Obama saying that he “takes offense” at people saying that his administration hasn’t been forthcoming with what really happened in Benghazi:

  • vietnamvet1971

    Wrong Ostupid, You OFFEND me every day you remain in Power & Stink up Our White House. You Pathetic excuse for a man!

    • Stan Williams

      I could Not have Said It Any Better !!

      • Preston Ferrell

        My exact sentiments.

        • Barry_Suxx

          Dead-On accurate. I wouldn’t ssip on barry if he was on fire.

  • jimbo999

    The news media are thanking their lucky stars for the Hurricane. They were almost at the point that they were going to be forced to report on the Benghazi scandal. Whew! that was close.

    • rachel

      This scandal and cover-up is NOT going to go away. He’s going to be swamped by it.

  • dufus

    He deserves to be drug thru the streets like our Ambassador was.

    • Barry_Suxx

      Isn’t it rather odd, like real déjà vu…..
      When DamoRat Slick Willy was the sitting Pres, they sensed a Farcical Leader, so they killed our aid-rendering troops and drug their bodies through the streets of Mogadishu; then we did nothing but quietly leave with our tails between our legs.
      And now we have a repeat of that same kind of mess. Another DamoRat Farcical Leader who LETS the enemy kill off our people and drag them through the streets. Meanwhile Obumbo has the GALL to tell us that we have a ‘Strong’ M/E policy, at the same time 4 American Embassies have Al Qaeda Flags flying over them.

  • Until now I thought Obama was merely evil. Now it is clear he is both evil and mad as a hatter.


    The Fraud and his crew of henchmen continue to be exposed for what they are, liars, criminals and murderers. Fast and Furious was the beginning of the smuggling and the acts of treason resulting in the deaths of a BP officer and hundreds of innocent mexicans, evidence is still being withheld by this administration.
    Benghazi is this nations worst nightmare perpetrated again by this administration. US soil attacked by terrorist, Americans being left to fend for their lives even though this administration had warning of 911 attacks, then sat in a OPs room to watch the entire event unfold by video from a US resource. Drones in the air, targets being painted, impending recue withdrawn, acts of heroism by Americans and no help, no expectations of help. Hellary Clinton was said to have told these men that help was on the way, she told the doofus in the WH twice and yet no rescue or support was sent or committed to the plight of these stranded people for over seven hours……There is more than dereliction of duty here, there is negligence and now more information pointing toward more smuggling of arms but this time to the terrorist, the very people that were attacking our embassy and killing our people..I call this treason, what else is there?

    • Barry_Suxx

      If it wasn’t for our filthy DamoRat dominated Senate, we could have impeached this usurper clown on several counts.

  • Bob

    I’ll believe this nation has a chance of being free again the day I see a jubilant crowd of working class Americans engaged in a friendly neighborhood rugby game…..using Obama’s skull.

  • Bob

    Thanks to Soetoro, the Manchurian candidate from Kenya by way of Goldman-sucks, this nation is so far down the tubes it needs a telescope to find Hell.

  • rachel

    Who gives a d_mn if he’s “offended”?! Four Americans are dead and their blood is on HIS hands. We Americans are offended by THAT.

  • Johnrambo1

    Obama hates the military.

  • joecarrsr

    I believe Benghazi is the straw that will in time break the camel’s back as the saying goes.Think.

  • Why in my opinion would the President be offended that the truth would be nice in theses circumstances?Four Patriots are dead.Isn’t this much worse than offended?Think very hard on this.Only the truth is needed to solve this dilemma.

  • Come on Main Stream Media do your job.In my humble opinion you are not.