The Ca. Head of the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Wants Blasphemy Laws in the US

Rashid Ahmad [the California head of CAIR] neither identifies nor condemns the “crazy people” responsible for the murder of Chris Stevens and three other Americans. And the killers were only “way out of line,” something one might say of a misbehaving child. The U.S. government says it “might” have been a planned attack by an al-Qaida affiliate, but Rashid Ahmad fails to say if he agrees. But he does hold forth on the “Innocence of Muslims” video.

“People feel extremely hurt and offended by the film,” Ahmad told the Bee. “But there’s a huge debate in Northern California over what should happen to the filmmaker.” Actually there isn’t.

Few here have seen the video and the default position is that it may be offensive but the U.S. government should take no action against the filmmaker. The huge debate here is over the push for even higher taxes in a state on the verge of bankruptcy.

“Some say there should absolutely not be any prohibition against free speech,” explained Ahmad, billed as someone who came to the United States from Pakistan in 1970 to study engineering at UC Davis.

“In France, Germany and other European nations, there are laws against hate speech,” Ahmad told the Bee. “Holocaust deniers and others who belittle Nazi crimes during World War II are subject to criminal penalties. Just like there are laws against hate crimes in the U.S., there should be laws against hate speech that leads to violence or criminal activities. Because of the film we’ve lost so many lives – the filmmaker has blood on his hands.”

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  • For those who would like to let the Los Angeles CAIR office know what you think, the number is (714) 776-1847. The e-mail address is [email protected]

    • Ginger

      Islam does not care what you think…it is their way or death..period..and as for the “moderates”…there is no such thing..they will killl you just as fast.



  • Chuck-U-oBAMA

    Muslim’s are very thin skined, It seems like every time someone says something about them good or bad thay have to cry about it so every one will feel sorry for them! If thay don’t like are country or it’s people and are law’s then get the hell out of are country and go home, we did not ask you to come here in the first place! We don’t go to your country and make you changs your ways so don’t do it to US!!!! Little Babies!!!!!!!!!!!!! And take oBAMA with you!!!!

  • Chuck-U-oBAMA

    I like how are muslim terrorists can go out and kill all kinds of innocent people and torcher’s them and when you bring it up they say it wasn’t us it was the other muslins that are called extremists. But to me a muslim is a muslim. And if you read the Koran you will find all muslims are extremists. And in our country we have no room for the likes of theses cowards we call muslims in our country. GO HOME MUSLIM’S!!!

  • pearl87

    Americans should not be taking advice on how to govern from terrorists and their sympathizers.

  • con_c_kwense

    “In France, Germany and other European nations, there are laws against hate speech,”

    … of the main reasons those nations and that continent are on the point of being ruled by barbaric 7th century savages…with whom this guy seems to sympathize…

    …news for the pakistani…you might ban the speech, but you’ll never ban the emotion…all freedom-loving humans the world over hate islam and sharia law and always will.