TSA Misses Hatchet, Grenade, Knives & Body Bags on Passenger Bound for US

Yongda Huang Harris arrived at LAX wearing a bulletproof vest and flame-resistant pants, having checked in a suitcase full of weapons.

The 28-year-old was on a stopover on a trip from Japan en route to Boston, and had an array of suspicious items in his luggage.

They included a smoke grenade, knives, body bags, a hatchet, a collapsible baton, a biohazard suit, a gas mask, billy clubs, handcuffs, leg irons and a device to repel dogs.

The alarm was raised when U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers noticed he was wearing a bulletproof vest under his trench coat, along with flame-retardant pants and knee pads.

But no such red flags had been waved when Harris boarded in Japan.

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  • Lizelot

    Nothing the TSA does makes any sense whatsoever. That body (what else can you call it?) seems to be filled with witless people that suddenly find themselves with power. And we have this rampant idiocy to endure due to constant and officially denied Muslim terrorism. Are we free anymore? No, we are under siege except our government act like nothing is wrong besides our own citizens who are deprived from bringing nail scissors on board! Foreign nations also need to get their act together–this is beyond stupid! Of course, our administration won’t do anything except shrug their shoulders (Biden, the chuckling hyena, is their mascot, right?).

  • Gerry

    Question…whoa is gonna take the blame for this and get Fired!!!! This is unbelievable!!

  • ginger

    The scary thing is that all that checked luggage was on the plane the entire time…the only thing the guy didn’t seem to have was a parachute…or perhaps he was going to be a “suicide”? but the TSA would rather hassle little old ladies like me,

  • Jim W.

    Just so you know, the TSA does not screen in Japan. This passenger was screened by Japanese security and when they came through U.S. Customs at LAX, ICE found all of the items. Check your facts and please fix your headline.

    • SmithWinston6478

      If true, that’s good information. Thanks JW.

  • SmithWinston6478

    Airline pilots and honest law enforcement officers alike will tell you that the selective frisking of the American public while bypassing those middle eastern primitives who might be offended, is a joke. If the bad guys are casing the joint, they’re laughing at us. In the last 40 years, 96% of the terrorist acts in the world have been perpetrated by male muslim extremists between the ages of 19 and 45.

    “The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.”
    – Edmund Burke (1784)
    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – b hussein soetoro/obama
    “During times of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell ‘1984’

  • Capt. Evan

    The system is broken and the trains don’t run on time.
    Put your faith in Jesus Christ not man.