Video: Another Benghazi Bombshell – Special Forces Team Withdrawn from Libya Just a Month Before Attack

Adding to the overwhelming evidence of the Obama administration’s incompetency in handling the security of US personnel in Libya prior to Ambassador Steven’s murder, it was revealed on Sunday that a sixteen member special forces team had been withdrawn from Libya just a month before the attack on the US consulate.

That occurred despite the deteriorating situation on the ground in the Libya.

This new information is coming from a special forces lieutenant colonel, Andy Wood, who was in charge of the sixteen member team from February until August of this year, and who met daily with Ambassador Stevens until his team was pulled by the Obama administration.

LTC Wood stated that it was “unbelievable” to him that the State Department decreased security when it did because he had shown the department how dangerous and volatile Libya had become.

  • CSN

    Incompetent in Chief makes another huge disaster for Americans overseas.

  • Just another display of the incompetence of this administration. The hardest thing to beleive is that they would cut 2 Trillion dollars from the defense budget. Looks like they want us to have to fight here in desperation.

  • Tomtom

    Clinton and Obama are a disaster for AMerica!
    Get rid of them.

  • They furnished 25 secret service personnel to send a teenager on spring break to Mexico. And what sane parents would send their teenager to Mexico without accompanying them, anyway? Insanity.