Video: Donald Trump Promises Bombshell on Obama on Wednesday that May Change the Election

Billionaire Donald Trump said on Fox News that he will deliver a bombshell on President Barack Obama on Wednesday, but he refused to reveal details. He assured viewers the news could change the outcome of the presidential election.

Trump has endorsed Mitt Romney after having considered running for president, and he has been one of the most vocal Americans doubting that President Obama was born in the United States, a condition for being president.

The real estate magnate phoned in the news to “Fox and Friends” and said he has “something very, very big concerning the president of the United States. It’s going to be very big. I know one thing; you will cover it in a big fashion.”

Trump wrote on Twitter, “Stay tuned for my big Obama announcement,” and then sent another tweet, “Just wait and see!”

“It’s very big. Bigger than anybody would know.” Read more from this story HERE.

  • Charles

    Concerning his bayonet remark—–his ear speaker got a bit sweaty, and screwed up what he should say!! To this day, this phony oaf is politically stupid, and must be deported when he is thrown out of our White House!! Guantanamo would be perfect—–with an iron mask riveted on his traitorous head.

    • BAVO!

    • wandamurline

      That is when Romney should have said, “you mean the one that Hiliary Clinton fell on” for Libya?

  • slehar

    My guess: Obama’s birth certificate, college records, acceptance as foreign student, or his PhD Thesis which Harvard has locked up, even though a thesis should be public record.

    • noodles5

      I think it will show that he was accepted as a Foreign student and will include his thesis that will be full of left wing diatribe.

    • lindairish

      I hope Donald lives until Wednesday. Remember Andrew Breitbart.

  • wandamurline

    Can’t wait to hear what The Donald has…after all, it was The Donald who made the president post his fraudulent birth certificate…The Donald was the only one who did not cower down to Whoopie. Has anyone noticed, that we have not seen Oprah this year. She went all out in 2008 to get elected, and from what I hear, once the two American hating king and queen had their crowns, Oprah was tossed out because Moochelle doesn’t like her. How about Colin Power who became a traitor to himself and others to stand with Obama because of his skin pigmentation….how are they doing? Oprah pissed off her viewers and she has lost 350 million dollars on her internet site because no one watches her anymore….of yeah, she loves Obama but when it comes to her money, she has millions invested in ….. wait for it…..Bain Capital…..seems she trusts Romney with her money more than Obamie. As far as Powell, he was my hero, and now I view him as a traitor to America.

  • Pamela

    I am not usually a vengeful person, but this man has hurt and embarrassed this country so bad, I want to see him publicly humiliated, not just thrown out of the White House.

  • I can’t wait to hear what The Donald has to say.

  • reggiec

    I truely hope it is as important as Trump is hinting and not just another grandstanding attempt by a self promoting egotist.

  • Trump will probably tell the nation what she already knows but our leaders refust to investigate……..Obama is illegal. So whats new….Republicans love illegals and dems love illegals. Woe to America.

  • Come on Mr.Trump bring on the news which focus’s on the
    deception of obama, I can not believe that this political misfit
    managed to get to the high office of the president of the united
    states without legal documentation and certificates of proof of
    citizenship to this counrty and Is there in anyway that any future
    debates can be programed equally for each individual in respect
    to clean and fairplay on presenting events of intrests in relation
    to the topic’s of the day instead of what should, could or would
    have been if things were done in differant manner, afterall a nice
    yard of green grass with an application of to much bull/shi- and
    not enough nutrients will burn and destroy a yard. and this is
    mostly what I have been seeing in these debates between obama
    and Romney, which is not fair because by not answering direct to
    each question like when Romney ask of obama which was not
    answered directly or was evaded by simply blurting out from obama
    to “check the records” what the hell is that telling ya, by the time ya
    check the records no ones going to remember anyway and in
    the meantime the subject is null and an opinion has already been
    established, obama is good at this, with all the money used to
    promote these political debates I see no reason why we can’t use
    some of it to impeach or rectify a situation which is and was an
    illigal act of deception upon our government and the people thereof.

  • Eileen

    The fact that a rich, despicable a-hole like Donald Trump wants so badly to put Mitt Romney in the White House, just shows that the only hand-outs Mitt Romney plans on giving out are to the rich. The Donald wants to make sure his and Mitt’s off shore accounts are safe. The only thing that should be shown to the American people is the video capturing Mitt Romney so proudly boasting about the Chinese factory he owned that kept their workers three to a bunk and 12 to a room. 120 girls had to share one small bathroom on each floor. I’m sure Mitt and and the Donald would love to do the same thing to American workers and have us all making minimum wage and begging them for a job. They both make me sick.

  • Liz Dotson

    It has been proven that our president is arrogant, has caused racial unrest, backed rich union people and any other special interest group to obtain another 4 yrs so he can finish the job of throwing out our religious faith, turning the country into socialism and further putting us on the road to world denomination. He refuses to salute the flag and is trying hard to be a ruler with everyone depending on the government.