Video: Jay Leno Nails Obama on Libya, Sex-Themed Ad

We’ve posted two videos from Jay Leno’s program last night. The first is a short clip where Leno takes President Obama to task for his new “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

It’s quite funny and Leno doesn’t cut Obama any slack:

The second video repeats the clip from above but then continues into a critique of Obama’s sexually-themed “First Time” ad that a number of comedians have poked fun at. [We’ve included both videos as some readers have reported problems with the player below; unfortunately, it is the only player that we could locate that includes Leno’s critique of Obama’s “First Time” ad]:

  • CSN

    Good for Leno.

  • He took a big chance saying anything against Obama…the Liberal media and Movie people don’t like it when one of their own make comments against their King Obama. Millions of Movie dollars has gone into Obama’s Re-Election. That is why Jay Made Clear he would just make that punch and no more so he could keep his job!

  • Leno is another sycophant punk! He had the new Hitler on his show and he sucked up to him big time! Now that the weasel is not in his prescence does he get brave! Hey Leno, go donate to your annointed one -phony!

  • Bob

    Even the soviet regime occasionally took a few harmless barbs at itself from time to time just to cast the illusion of “tolerance”—-Obama is not another Hitler and I am extremely tired of that constant reminder of just how stupid and vacuous the people in this country really are very much including self-styled flagwavers. Hitler fought in the Great War, was wounded three times and got the Iron Cross—he then came back from the trenches and immediately took to the streets to fight the bolscheviks fist to fist to ultimately save his country from being buried face down by international bankster parasites—that sound like anything Obama ever did in his squalid life?

    Jesus, Joseph and Mary, this country is stupid.

  • kind of funny how just the other day Obama was on his show, and Jay had to wipe some Obama off his enormous chin, and now he’s slammin him?
    come on Jay, which side are you on, or is it all for ratings?

  • gwedem5995

    these were hilarious