Judge Sends Naked Picture of Himself to Married Subordinate, Keeps Job (+video)

Third Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree sent a naked picture of himself to a female court bailiff. Apparently she didn’t mind, but her husband did, so he gave it to us and we gave it to you and now the Michigan Supreme Court has given it back to Judge McCree, publicly censuring him Wednesday for judicial misconduct.

“It’s very rare for a judge to get a slap on the wrist like this unless the judge did something really bad on the bench. So for the Supreme Court to look at this, to review this, and for the judge to agree with it, it’s pretty bad,” said FOX 2 legal analyst Charlie Langton.

“A judge has to set the example for others to follow. I mean, judges are held to a higher standard. There’s integrity in the system of being a judge and this guy didn’t do it.”

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Judge McCree wouldn’t come out of his chambers for an interview, but here are a few of the court’s findings. During an interview with yours truly, McCree “conducted himself in a flippant manner and did not give the interview the seriousness he should have. As a result, he brought shame and obloquy to the judiciary. For example, when discussing the digital image of himself, he said, ‘There is no shame in my game.'”

Click on the second video in the player above to watch Charlie LeDuff’s original report.

The Supreme Court also found that the interview and the digital image spread rapidly around the internet and became the subject of jokes and ridicule.

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  • gwedem5995

    This is disgusting and when I think how harshly our service men have been punished, courtmartialed and stripped of their pensions and a man like this is allowed to remain on the bench is appalling to me. I wonder if he is related to Obama and he seems to be an arrogant as O is. Thinks they are above the law.

  • gracentruth

    This is what happens when a state is controlled by democrat-marxists for many years. Michigan is bankrupt – financially and morally. I know – I was born and raised in Michigan. Peace,

  • Bob Hauser

    America’s system of JU$T U$ at your service…..your tax dollars at waste. Would you like to hold me in contempt for saying this, “judge”? ….huh? ….I wish you’d try.

  • If people only knew how many sicko’s we have as judges there would be a revolution before morning.

  • pearl87

    The entire court process is a disgrace and a joke on the taxpayers who must fund this farce of injustice at gunpoint.


    A black Democrat from Michigan, who would have thought. The whole thing is
    obviously racist.