Video: Michelle Malkin Describes Obama’s War on Women

Michelle Malkin reminds undecided women that the real war on women has been coordinated by the Obama Administration, not Republicans.

As evidence of this, she and Hannity discuss the economic data as well as the 18% wage gap in the White House itself.

They also discuss Anita Dunn, former White House communication director, a “Mao cheerleader,” and Valerie Jarrett’s complaints about being shut out of Obama’s inner circle.

Ms. Malkin says that if these complaints and record were present in a GOP White House, the press would declare it “Misogynist.”

Later, the interview turns to CNN bias and Candy Crowley’s interruption of Romney 28 times but Obama just 9 times during last night’s debate. Despite this, and Crowley’s partisan – and admittedly erroneous – intervention during Romney’s and Obama’s argument regarding Benghazi, CNN has failed to fire or even criticize her.

  • reggiec

    When the controversy first started over the use of the word terror, you an hear Obama say “get the transcript”. What transcript? Did Crowley have a transcript of Obama’s planned answers? Was there a transcript of his Rose garden speach provided to Crowey before the debate because Obama knew that question would be asked? Why would there be a transcript about his Rose garden speech anywhere near the debate unless Crowley knew Bengazi and the U-Tube, terrorist disconnect was going to come up and she was coached about Obama’s false statements?
    Something smells rotten here.