Video:, Michael Moore Make Profane Obama Ad With 97 Year Old – “We’ll Burn This Motherf**ker Down”

Soros-funded, along with Michael Moore, have produced one of the most over-the-top ads we’ve ever seen. It is supposedly a “Message from the Greatest Generation.”

In it, a group of elderly people from “Rosebud Nursing Home,” some over ninety years old, voice their displeasure over Romney. One 97 year old lady says — quite ominously — that if the Republicans’ “voter suppression throughout this beautiful country” result in Romney’s victory, “we will burn this motherf**ker down.” An Hispanic elderly man affirms this threat with, “Yes we can.”

Then a 75 year old woman says that if the GOP steals the election she’s going to “track down Mitt Romney and give him the worlds biggest c**k punch . . . right in the nut sack.”

And finally, a World War II vet gets into the act.

It’s pathetically sad and not a bit funny. The fact that the leadership of and Michael Moore think there’s any value to such an ad shows the depth of their depravity:

  • amiee

    Made by someone who is disgusting and produced by an organization that is in the same boat as Michael Moore! But there is one thing…Each of these seniors have the right of Freedom of Speech even if the things they are saying are disgusting!

    • wandamurline

      Not to mention a lie.

    • The effort to deceive the American People should not be protected by any law!!!

      • Nivram

        So you are saying Mitt Romney should go to jail for lying to the American people about Jeep moving their manufacturing to China? I agree with you.

        • IndieAdam

          Right on!

        • daunt43

          Better get your facts straight Nivram. Fiat owns: Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia, Maserati; Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep–20-percent stake. What ever “lies” Romney has told would not make a pimple on the head N’s ass!

    • Salvatore A Apicelli, Texas

      Yes, and many people were injured or killed to protect the right to speak openly. Shame.

  • hookemowls

    Moreclasslessness from the party that has no class!

  • LibertyNOW

    They DO NOT represent anything near the “greatest generation”. My dad who fought in WWII just passed… he was a gentleman and would NEVER speak like that (much less think like that). What a perversion Michael Moore is.

    • bigfoot christ

      fuck you fuck him

  • DrAnalog

    To be that old and that stupid…

    • daunt43

      Shallow end of the gene pool for sure.

  • Wonder what Moore put in those folks coffee the morning they said those things? How disgusting. They aren’t too old to be ashamed.

  • I…. don’t like being manipulated & bullied. I wont be shamed and abused into voting for an obvious failure.

    Barack Obama is a LOSER!

    I chose Mitt Romney for President.

    I guess you will just have to burn the Mo%$#@&^er down
    and beat my balls off and watch me s%$#w your grand daughter from your place in hell.

    What a sic bunch of control freaks. Fire the Democrats, fire them all.

    • bigfoot messiah


  • hudson

    this a-hole is a piece of dog shit,and i,m being calm in my statement…

    • Jim

      Don’t insult dog shit!!!!!

  • wandamurline

    OMG….my 93 year old dad who served four years in WWII fighting the Japanese to keep America free would have a few words for these idiots. They must have had a really tiring day at the nursing home to make such a film. It not only shows their stupidity, but it insults the greatest generation ever with their vile language. Besides, the Republicans are not trying to steal the election….they need to look at their own party … the baby killing, godless, democraps….they are the ones showing up at the polls with billie clubs, not the conservatives. These people are absolutely disgusting and even more reprehensible (Hiliary’s best word) is the people who shamed them by filiming such a vile and disgraceful video. Wake Up America.

    • aray

      Why are these older people not being supervised by the nursing home that they live? Their families need to be notified.

  • m123s

    Control or Destroy – the Cain doctrine. Follow the money backwards, it usually leads to Cains descendants; Kenites. J.C. taught in the parable of the Wheat and Tares to Id, and leave them alone.

  • obiwan2112

    Oh my GOSH is this fun watching the Democrat Party come absolutely UNHINGED? These are NOT representatives of the “greatest generation.” They are nasty, greasy, undoubtably paid PIGS. The world will not mourn their impending demise.

  • Abouna R.

    This is a perfect example of ELDER ABUSE! Michael Moore and his film crew MUST be arrested and so charged, and never be allowed near the elderly again unless properly supervised.

    • exploding the elderly is a crime

  • JB

    Your not too old to be Godless – they won’t be watching anyone from “Heaven” – how sad for them.

  • Bobby B

    That was funny. I am sure these old folks were paid for this. I cannot see anyone taking this seriously, as we all know 90% of voter fraud comes out of Democrat dominant areas. I can almost guarantee after those old timers pass away they will still be voting, especially if they currently reside in Detroit, MI. My overall review, performance was poor, script was terribly, (except the cock punch lol) and Moore is a talentless buffoon. Two
    thumbs down. Enough said.

    • Nothing funny about voter fraud! These Godless communists are hellbent on making America a living hell and you know what, they are going to succeed because of the weak minded population that has become AMERIKA! God help us because the sheeple can’t and won’t help themselves! R.I.P. USA, you had a good run, now your done and it won’t be fun.

  • Bobby B

    That was funny. I
    am sure these old folks were paid for this. I cannot see anyone taking this
    seriously, as we all know 90% of voter fraud comes out of Democrat dominant
    areas. I can almost guarantee after those old timers pass away they will still
    be voting, especially if they currently reside in Detroit, MI. My overall
    review, performance was poor, script was terribly, (except the cock punch lol)
    and Moore is a talentless buffoon. Two
    thumbs down. Enough said.

  • CountryBoy

    I wonder what LIES Michael Moore and company told these people to get htem to say what they are saying…….

    • Peoriaboy

      It’s called money thats what he told them or should I say should them.

    • daunt43

      No lies, there retired Union workers. You and I are required to support the worthless asses.


  • Marilyn M

    Looks like elder abuse to me.

  • Sheeple, sheeple, sheeple, what we have here is a communist , Godless regime that given the opportunity – they will – are going to run amok with draconian enforcement! These souless, evil entities are broadcasting their intentions with their vile and revealing nature of themselves for all to see; and yet, the vile and amoral electorate will get their just desserts! There will be hell to pay – that is there intentions, fools!

  • copakeman

    drag a 100 dollar bill through a nursing home and you will get the residents to say anything.
    the cock-punch and burn motherf****er down remarks will definitely sway independant voters. disgraceful.

  • liberty76

    Shame on Michael Moore for using the elderly like that. None of MY relatives would ever even think of speaking in that manner!

  • The real question is “Does Michael Moore even have a nutsack to punch”?

  • Homer

    Really…is this the greatest generation…My dad fought in Korea and he had more sense than these idiots…This was staged…I know seniors in this age bracket and they do have some sense about what it is and what isn’t right! It’s the generation now who has about as much sense as a one room school house!!

  • Homer

    Choosing Obama ot Romney is like pouring water on a fire after it is already out! the damage has been done and this Nation is thru…the U.N. desires us to be in w/the One New World Order…the U.S. will go Kicking and screaming, but it will go!!

  • Homer

    That women has a mouth like a toilet, for a women who has NO sense…she voted for FDR, the one responsible for S,Security and all the programs to get this nation to go socialist at it’s inception…Lady…you need some soap in your mouth!!

  • Homer

    ANYONE who believes in the “CIVIL RIGHTS movement has NO sense to begin with or in any case…Have you ever really read that Civil Rights act!!But I’ll bet this man voted for the man who is not an african american, but he is a Kenyan citizen!

  • kT TK

    IMO this will get far more votes for Romney than O

  • R

    Look, my mom is 93 and loves Mitt Romney. The reason is because her brain still works, unlike the nut cases in the Michael Moore ad. Mom understands that if Romney is elected, he will return the power to the people, not the government. Why would these old people think that communism is a good thing? They are either paid plants or they all have alsheimer.

  • This Old Lady

    You all do realize that the woman who claimed to be 97 years old (born in 1915 she says) doesn’t appear or look a day over 80. Do you really think she voted for FDR? This whole thing is a farce, ladies and gentlemen (and I use those terms advisedly) of that era would never lower themselves to that type of language or behavior. Take it as gospel from …

  • Barb

    How disgusting!! I’ve never seen anyone make a video this disgusting.

  • ERB

    Thats not all Michael Moore is doing.

    I had this in my email via
    “Republican voter suppression and intimidation could make all the difference”

  • ERB

    Oh and here is the bleeped version, they are sending this out, with the message below:

  • Shows how desperate obama administration has become to have to recruit seniors from a dementia nursing home to speak for him.

  • con_c_kwense

    For 60 years a great portion of my taxes (and yours) were
    confiscated from me and distributed to wastrels such as these demented,
    delusional, debauched, demonic, despicable dopey dimwitted democrats in the form of welfare, affirmative-action, etc., etc.,…what a diabolical
    waste…these worthless liars are a perfect microcosm of the effect and the
    consequences of creeping socialism, liberalism, progressivism, communism…if, during the nightmare of the past 4 years you’ve ever wondered HOW, 60 years AFTER the example of hitler, a gang of fascist thugs like obama and the ‘crats could possibly steal our White House…well, thanks to the fat, slothful idiot (1%er) moore-on, you have your answer.

  • Salvatore A Apicelli, Texas

    I am not surprised by this ad but I am horrified by it. My dad was a part of the greatest generation as were many of my aunts and uncles and even though they were democrats, they would in no way act this depraved. They believed in love, freedom, and family. This ad is an absolute disgrace. Shame on you Michael and George.

  • marineh2ominer

    Demonrats do not go to heaven , and these old b–t–ds do not even come close to representing the “GREATEST GENERATION ” . My parents would NEVER use such filthy language , nor were they too senile to see what the democratic party has become , the party of ” DEMONRATS “. ROMNEY FOR PRESIDENT !!

  • kT TK

    Liberal elites preying upon the troubled and the vulnerable. Nothing new here.

    • Peoriaboy

      Look for his next video will probably be kindergarten kids.

  • Skyye

    You’re “spot on” Carl Gottstein Jr. Couldn’t have said it better myself. The ‘dems’ (short for dimwits I think) apparently think (if that’s at all possible) that the rest of the country is so stupid as to believe the tripe that spills forth from the ‘dems’ mouths. What a waste and shame.

  • Gisella

    What a bunch of crotchety, miserable, low-class old coots!

  • Doris

    Democrats in our area always hit the nursing homes with stacks of absentee ballots–which I’m sure they have helped the residents fill out. They may even take a vanload or a busload to the polls and “help” them. I heard a caller on a talk show report that on election day she paid her nightly visit to her mother suffering with Alzheimer’s and saw an “I Voted” sticker on her blouse!

  • Honest to God, I made a couple of phone calls for the Republican party and most were to seniors, and they were really this stupid, thinking that their insurance premimuns went up because of Romney and Ryan. They definitely are living in Michael Moore and Obama’s bubble. But this is shameless and the vulgarity of this admininstration “should” be reason to impeach and remove them all from OUR HOUSE! Why are we condoning this garbage?

  • bigfoot messiah


    Moroni Told Me

  • bigfoot messiah

    Anne Romney just sent another dear john letter to Mitt.
    Said she fuckin’ tagg now

  • Peoriaboy

    When is somebody going to whip his ass? and I thought Soros was wanted in Russia ? Why isn’t Soros arrested here in America along with his son who lives in N.Y. Theses two people have gotten away with more shit than the New Black Panther Party and the KKK combined, the FBI should be allover them , I’m talking about Mickel Moore ,Soros and his son.

  • CSN

    I don’t know of any 90 year olds who would say those words. My father is 91 and didn’t ever repeat those kinds of words in our ears. GOP steal the election? If that is what they’re going to tell them, then they’ll get upset, but if they knew about the Death Panels in Obamacare, they wouldn’t be hooting for Obama. Ignorance is behind this, and Moore is an oversized Communist/Fascist Demorat.

  • Michael Moore is sickening, A true Obama supporter who, like OBAMA WILL STOOP TO ANYTHING TO GET re-elected, JUST HOW LOW CAN YOU GO. These seniors do not represent the rest of the senior population in this country, They are a disgrace to themselves and to their families, They are totally Disgusting!!!

  • Sounds like the first old lady was a loud mouthed, uncouth tramp in her younger years. Hardly representative of most of our elderly.
    And what is she threatening to burn down? Romney?
    Sounds like a threat against our future president. Maybe this gutter trash needs a visit from the FBI….

  • Fat ass Micheal Moore needs to keep his @@@ in Canada where he belongs.

  • What a pile of manure. Stupid people making stupid statements. May the flatus gasses from 1000 hummus eating Muzz infest their nasal passages.

  • IndieAdam

    Are you kidding me? 1) It’s not an ad – it’s a comedy sketch. 2) It’s freakin’ hilarious! Lighten up.

  • daunt43

    Great Grandma, is that you? Mom and Grandma said you were a liberal bitch! Looks like they were right.

  • Flacon

    These Democraps are so far gone they don’t even know what they say. Wait until Obamacare kicks in, these people will have nothing left to do but wait for God to come rescuing them because Obama will not be there for them.