Video: Pathetic Ted Turner Says It’s a “Good” Thing That US Troops Are Committing Suicide

CNN Founder Ted Turner was on Piers Morgan when he made a shocking and despicable statement regarding the record number of suicides among US soldiers.

Piers Morgan observed that suicides in uniform have actually surpassed combat deaths. Turner said that he thought that was good. The failure of Piers Morgan to condemn Turner’s reaction was equally inexcusable.

The globalist, who gave $1 billion to the United Nations several years ago, then advocated for the use of the UN as the world’s policeman.

  • gwedem5995

    It’s a shame that he and Jane Fonda aren’t still togther. They deserve each other.

  • OldGuyThatsPOd

    I think Mr. Turner and his ex wife should both commit suicide. Advocating the fact that US Servicemen committing suicide is “Good” is abhorrent and demonstrates to me that Turner needs a lot of psycological help.

  • Mark Brickey

    Yet this same ilk has no problems with abortion, even infanticide, population control, etc. Isn’t war another “population control”? Facetiously stated… of course…
    This “war”, just as ANY of the actions taken since WW II, with just a couple exceptions, if handled appropriately as a WAR, not policing & nation-building, would have been over with in months, maybe a coule years, but not dragged on as these have been.
    Suicides? After ‘Nam, I was stationed in Germany with the Bloody 1 – was with them for only 8 months, yet even then there were 2 acknowledged suicides in our company alone. For many reasons, military can be a lonely depressing life if one isn’t actively seeking good activities….

  • Samurai_Sam

    Another leftist A*#$% hole. I think it would be good if he offed himself and his slut ex. Remember these incidents each and every one of these scumbags is an Obama Supporter. Says a lot about the party.

  • There is no help for Ted and Jane.

  • Inspectigator

    Its also what they’re putting in the antidepressants ! Side affects OF suicidal thoughts and tenancies.Even in seizure meds.pharmacudicals are dangerous for society now! Cooked up synthetic junk.Praying for our troops!!! I love them sooo.

  • watchdogman

    That SOB needs to meet his maker,,,whomever that might be!!!

  • watchdogman

    Maybe someone should burn down all of his ranches in Montana and other states…Then he would commit suicide do to the loss of revenue!!!

  • watchdogman


  • The Goat

    People forget the gruesome two-some this dung heap and Hanoi Jane, they are both anti american but sure use the freedoms that are fallen have given them to make millions $$ typical socialist like the hollywood types that are anti – gun but use them in their movies to make them $$$.
    Lets not forget his Buffalo (Bison) ranches and what he is/was trying to do with them.
    How about this dung heap and Hanoi Jane in a suicide pact.

  • JaniceSix

    Turner and Jane are treasonous fools – – they really do need mental therapy. . . better yet, lobotamies!

  • dufus

    Hang Turner by his balls in Times Square!

  • Joanne13

    I think that old codger has had way to many cocktails and smoked way too much pot! Maybe it’s all the LSD accumulated in his dried up brain, who knows? He’s pretty pathetic how ever you cut it!

  • 37 years ago when Ted first started his Superstation, there was little to choose from on cable. There was no HBO or any other alternatives to local programming for a few more years. I thought he was a great person for coming up with his idea. He had a dedicated local staff and even several local advertisers (to the Atlanta area). He gave a way for some people to do short informercials and sell their products, such as Box Car Willie, Slim Whitman, and a few other singers. Ted seemed to have the country behind his idea. He also bought the Atlanta Braves and broadcasted their games. He was the first to have a 24 hour broadcasting. All of these things made Ted have my respect.
    Several years after he got going, his staff of news casters and announcers started dropping like flies. The people I liked seeing day after day just weren’t there anymore. There were rumors of things changing at TBS, but no one really knew what was going on because you never saw the people again on TV. It might have been at that time that Ted changed. I still had respect for the man even when he first started CNN. At first, it was nothing but Headline News. But around 25 years ago, Turner announced he was a Communist at heart on 60 minutes. This is about the same time that he and Hannoi Jane got together. I wondered how a man that had done the things he had could think like that. Everything he should be grateful for was do because of the freedom in this country. Shortly after that, it seemed that his broadcasting company started taking away some of his authority from him. I had already lost all respect for the man. You hear very little from him anymore, but it’s just as well. He seems to be a self-absorbed bitter old man.

  • CaptTurbo

    I’m pro-life yet, Ted Turner is a pretty good argument for abortion.

  • Maybe some military folks will vist old Ted and show him how to commit suicide.
    He is one worthless human being, and his CNN is a joke. Too bad all that good
    money is wasted on a Socialist. A good person would give 1 Bill to a worthy