Video: Replace Anti-American Obama With an American Hero

Here’s an excellent anti-Obama advertisement that describes a country on the brink, a president, failing, and an election that will go down in history. But who the hero is may surprise you:

  • Tomtom

    I’m ready!! Let’s DRUM Obama and croonies out of town!!!

  • David in MA

    Someone, somehow must create a site for people who are neither for obozo nor Romney, lets face it, obozo is definately not good for America and unfortunately Romney is only an option available and it cannot be said he is really a true assett to America. Many people are beating the drum for Ron Paul, but lets face it, Ron Paul has been shut out by the established republican club. Who would truly make a good president for America, how would that person become mobilized, how would a “write-in” be legally proformed and how would support be aggrageted? “WE” all stand around and bitch but what and how can “WE” put that bitching into a positive action for America as a Constitutional Republic to survive? Who will become the “glue” to make things “stick”?I believe Glenn Beck had a good start on this but was quickly sent to his room by, I believe, the media, money and politically established as they saw their control being lost. SO! What can the “little guy” do to save America short of a revalution, because if the current trend continues and the ballot is unsuccessful, it surely will come down to the bullett, and obozo and his “within the government” supporters know this, otherwise why would government agencies be buyingarms and ammunition? Why does the IRS need firearms and hollow point cartriges, or the other agencies? I know how I would like to vote but without knowing how other will only means my vote could be lost along with others and give the islamic marxist another four years which would be annointing him as socialist dictator for life and America ceases to exist. Who has the answer?

  • Bajaron


  • gwedem5995

    Absolutely fantastic ad