Video: Two Mature Bull Moose Fight it Out on Anchorage Urban Street

After living, traveling, hunting and fishing in Alaska for over 18 years, I thought I’ve seen much of what the Last Frontier has to offer.

I’ve probably seen hundreds of moose near my home, in my yard and on the street, in Anchorage, Tok, and Fairbanks. And I hunt moose almost every year, hoping to provide my family with one of Alaska’s basic food groups. But I have never seen anything like this in town.

The following video, uploaded yesterday, shows two mature bull moose, fighting it out apparently on an Anchorage street. The video is amateur, but it does an excellent job in capturing the intensity of the fight.

Note the United States Postal Service vehicle waiting for the fight to end.

  • gracentruth

    What an awesome video. Alaska is definitely the place to be. I wonder if this was just a friendly sparring or a territory spat? Who won?

    • Joe1938

      This was about who was going to get the Lady!

  • CSN

    Are you sure this wasn’t Mitt Romney and Barack Obama after their First Debate. That was Mitt walking away the winner! LOL!

  • bigdog137

    Nobama zero. Romney/Ryan, winners!

  • jpeters3270

    Wow! Imagine explaining to your insurance company how your expensive landscaping was torn up!!!

  • ttj

    You are lucky you still have plenty of wildlife to see there in Alaska. That is part of what makes it a great place. I hope this kind of video will encourage people elsewhere to preserve some habitat for wildlife.