45% of Americans Want to Skip Christmas

Photo Credit: Mike LichtDespite a whittling away of consumer debt that has been underway since the recession, many Americans are still entering the holiday season unprepared to cope with the expenses that crop up around this time of year.

Think Finance, a provider of payday loans and other financial services for consumers with limited or no access to banking services, recently surveyed 1,000 Americans across all income levels who use various forms of alternative financial services — including payday loans, prepaid debit cards and direct deposit advances.

Although many of these consumers are on better financial footing and optimistic about their economic future this year, the holidays are still a source of stress and strain on their precarious finances, Think Finance said in the poll.

Some 45 percent of those polled said the holiday season brings so much financial pressure, they would prefer to skip it altogether. Almost half said their level of stress related to holiday expenses is high or extremely high.

That’s probably because nearly the same amount — some 45 percent — say they do not expect to have enough money set aside to cover holiday expenses.

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  • Mark

    Um….isn’t Christmas about the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
    It’s not about buying stuff and time off of work, maybe we just need to get back to the true meaning of Christmas.

    • Barry_Suxx

      Well,,, unfortunately here in the modern U.S.S.A., like other Marxist Countries, THAT Freedom is not necessarily a ‘Given’ anymore; especially if you are a Christian or a Jew. However if you’re a Hate-centric Atheist, or a Tree-Hugger, or a Moosie, or ANY OTHER Extremist / Fascist Religion-Ideology then you are allowed to ‘Do As You Please / Anywhere &Time You Please’, Carte-Blanche; and NObody had better say anything about it! (because our Courts support this warped reasoning).

      Our very own Gestapo have been very busy over the recent years ERASING every Christian reference to Christmas (and other religious holidays). They did it under the guise of “Political Correctness”; which sounds better than “Gestapo”.

      Meanwhile the “Holidays” which we once remembered, NOW have been literally Hijacked. THEY can celebrate them, but WE cannot.

      Want an example? Look no further than “Kwanzaa”. The corner-stone of this one goes back to African Thugs.

      No, we have nothing left here in this “USSA” to Observe or Celebrate anymore. It’s all been taken away by Leftist-Loons and a Godless Oppressive Gvmnt.

    • gracentruth

      Mark, Amen. Peace,

  • a bag of black dirty coal for this administration

  • Patriotic Dairy Farmer

    Christians should “skip” “Christmas,” at least the “Christmas” as observed by the obscene materialists who now dominate this time of year. It’s only getting worse with “Black Friday” more important to people in this once Christian nation than the day before that was set aside to THANK our Creator (yes, that means God) for all His gifts and blessings. Christmas is Christ’s birthday, a day to focus on the deep spiritual recollection of God’s gift to the world– the gift of His Son, our Savior, yet no chance to honor even the historic reality of Christ’s birth by a nativity scene in the public square! That fact is insult enough for me to boycott the buying spree of the “holidays.” Christians should not allow themselves to be enslaved to this diabolical spending mindset. I am disgusted that more Christian churches (all denominations) are not preaching against this new order paganism that worships “gifts,” store earnings, junk trinkets from sweatshops in China and beyond, and the selfish materialism that just broadens all the sins of the flesh this country is already mired in!

  • MikeyParks

    But of course they’ll accept the days off from work — that is if they work.

  • PatriotDiva

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Americans finally tightening their belts and getting on firm financial footing. Like Mark said below, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ. There are many ways people can make Christmas special without spending a lot of money. Do something nice for a shut-in or someone who’s recently lost a loved one. Gather your friends and family together to sing Christmas carols and make hot chocolate with real cocoa, and read the Christmas story from the bible by candlelight. Then lead everyone in a heartfelt prayer for our nation and its leaders. It will be a Christmas you’ll never forget!

  • cawizewoman

    I don’t know who ‘they’ are polling – everyone I know intends to celebrate Christmas, albeit scaled down on the gifts. We are making our own gifts, having a lovely dinner, going to church. Macy’s won’t be seeing our faces.

  • KalevEfrayim

    Christmas was derived from ancient pagan customs related to a false god.
    The truth of this is out there if anyone is willing to search for the truth.

  • Eric

    No, the holiday known as the Christ Mass was not celebrated by the early Christians. No where in Scripture are we called to celebrate birthdays as was custom among pagans at the time. The holiday created to cover up Sol Invictus and Saturnalia the pagan holidays celebrating the winter solstice the birth of the new sun and a feast celebrating Saturn where give was one of the customs. Garland and tree decoration were part of this festive time as to honor pagan gods which leads to biblical exhortation not to such things. Jer. 10:2-4
    2Thus says the Lord:
    (Lev. 18:3; 20:23; Deut. 12:30)“Do not learn the way of the Gentiles;
    Do not be dismayed at the signs of heaven,
    For the Gentiles are dismayed at them.
    3For the customs of the peoples are futile;
    For #
    Is. 40:19; 45:20one cuts a tree from the forest,
    The work of the hands of the workman, with the ax.
    4They decorate it with silver and gold;
    They #
    Is. 41:7fasten it with nails and hammers
    So that it will not topple.

    I see a lot of Christians who will not celebrate Halloween because of its Pagan roots. How is this any different? And isn’t it kind of ironic the only place in Scripture it talks about festive gift exchanging is after the two prophets of God are killed in the Streets in Revelation? Just saying! For those defend celebrating this holiday by defending it not Scriptures about judging about celebrating Sabbath days; the context is met for those Jews Who still celebrated Sabbath on Sat. not on Sun. So, Let’s Keep Saturn in Saturnalia the true god of American pagan holiday season of greed and avarice!