At Least Michelle Obama Will Still Have a Job: TV Exec’s Eyeing Her as Talk Show Host

Her husband could be out of a job in 48 hours, but Michelle Obama could step into a new career as a chat show host.

TV executives believe the First Lady would be a natural to become a talk show host. She has even been compared to Oprah Winfrey, the queen of chat show hosts and one of the most recognisable names in show business.

“Personally I would like to see her in the White House,” said Hilary Estey McLoughlin, president of syndication company behind the Ellen DeGeneres show. “But if she were not going to be in the White House, I’d love to see her as the host of a show. She’s amazing.”

And former CNN president Jon Klein agreed that the First Lady would be snapped up by TV chiefs if her husband does not win a second term in office. “Daytime syndicators are desperate for a new voice and she is tailor made for it,” he told TV Guide magazine.

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  • wandamurline

    Hope they like no one watching their new show. These two are more interested in being celebrities than being the president and first lady…this is why he is on sooo many late night shows….he sees himself as “the one”. I wouldn’t watch anything these two star in and I can bet that they will hit bottom like Oprah has. Oh yeah, where is Oprah? Seems she went out on a limb in 2008 for Obama, ticked off her white viewers, and has lost 350 million on her cable program OWN….Moochelle tossed her out after Barry got elected….these people are users….oh yes, can’t forget to let you know that Oprah has millions invested in….wait for it…..Bain Capital. She may like Obama, but she trusts Mitt.

  • LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I wouldn’t watch this woman hand me a million bucks…she is not worth watching!!

  • A talk host. How about an gorilla swinging from limb to limb on the set. I bet she could probably carry this off with not coaching.

  • tomtom

    She is an anti-American jerk! Thats one show I will never watch !!

  • Guess Oprah will be kissing up to Michelle if that is so.

  • con_c_kwense

    Give me a break!! Who the he– would be able to sit through a full hour or more with that —– —- in their home? Might be helpful for regurgitating bulimics though…

  • David in MA

    funny,real funny.
    How would a show last that is watched by welfare slugs who do not buy sponsors products? THAT show is doomed, or is it another way to launder funds as pay back?

  • I cancelled my Cable @ no more magazines because there was nothing to watch or read but Obama and Michelle. I stopped watching Oprah when she endorsed Obama. I wouldn’t watch NBC as they are bought by the Liberals. Why subject myself and pay for the awful movies and crazy TV programs. BOYCOTT!!