Culture in Flames: States Allow Men to Expose Themselves to Girls in Public Bathrooms

I know that many conservatives don’t like talking about the politics of sex and how our country has now normalized perversion. But it’s precisely due to this passivity that we’re now at a point in many states where a man, calling himself “transgendered,” can legally walk into a girls’ locker room, strip down, and lay out spread eagle for everyone to see.

Yes, it really happened in the state of Washington. That state, as well as 15 others plus the District of Columbia, prohibit “discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression.”

So what exactly does that mean? If the state has a public facility, it can’t prohibit access based upon one’s declaration that he is a “woman trapped in a man’s body” or vice-versa.

The insanity of this is obvious to any common-sensed American. And if you have any doubt, what happened last month in Olympia, Washington, should make that insanity crystal clear.

Evergreen State College has a swimming pool that it shares with several secondary schools in the Olympia area. Of course, in addition to a pool, the college also has a women’s locker room. A man named Colleen Francis (pictured above), who claims he is “transgendered,” stripped naked, laid out in the sauna, and according to Fox News, “exposed his genitals on several occasions.”

After several high school girls in the women’s locker room saw him, they complained.

Nevertheless, given Washington law that “requires equal access to state facilities regardless of gender identity,” it appears that Francis’s naked display to juvenile girls was legally protected.

So what’s the solution? The minor girls are now using a smaller locker room at the pool while Mr. Francis may continue to expose himself to the adult female patrons in the larger facility.

This is flat out CRAZY. And frankly, it hits close to home. I fly through the Seattle Airport, not infrequently, with my beautiful daughters and wife. They use the women’s public restroom that the State of Washington says Mr. Francis must have equal access to. So now, I get to cross my fingers hoping that some “transgendered” man won’t be lurking in the female restroom, waiting to (legally) expose himself to my young girls.

But why should I be surprised at this world-upside-down? My GOP-led state just allowed Alaskans to choose what sex they are on their driver’s licenses . . .

  • vaquerobob

    We need to ship these people off to their very own island or better yet, planet.

  • MartySK

    Dennis Prager cites paperwork where you can put “neither” for gender.

    • sandraleesmith46

      I don’t know about “neither”, but when I was filling out my ap to join the USNR, after nursing school, there was ” male, female, other” as the gender choices! THAT was back in the late ’60s.

    • jpeters3270

      I’ve seen “undetermined” for sex on forms. Obviously we need more bathrooms/lockerrooms. Men, Women, Men who want to be Women, Women who want to be Men, Gay Men, Gay Women, Bisexuals, and Sheep. Does that cover everyone? I’d hate to be politically incorrect.

  • Joe,
    Crazy? Yes, and perverse.

    I use a locker room at a gym where men who are widely known to be openly homosexual leer at me on a daily basis. I’ve often wondered how this is any different than if I were to use the female locker room instead.
    It is not.

    You can change the outward appearance (what we call in science the phenotype), but you can NEVER change the the female (xx) or the male (xy) chromosomes that populate every cell in the human body (which is the genotype). It cannot be done; not now and not in the foreseeable future.

    But there is so much going on in the downward social, political, judicial, and cultural spiral that has become the state of our once Great Nation.

    The election of Mitt Romney scores only the first point in reversing this one hundred year effort to ‘transformationally change” the United States. Barack Hussein Obama is merely the current puppet.

    Todd House, MD
    Louisville, KY

    • fatman45

      Awesome! I salute you and I’m in it with you.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Thank-you for stating so clearly what I’ve said about this insanity of “mixing” homosexuals and heterosexuals; whether in the military or in civilian facilities! Being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, this truly worries me, and scares me. NOWHERE will be “safe” for women or children, or even for men truly.

    • I have a couple questions for you, Dr. House, and I mean them in all sincerity, I am not trying to cause discord. And for the record, I do not believe that Colleen Francis should be allowed to put male genitals on display in a place that is frequented by children (male OR female).

      I am wondering if you think that before the “downward spiral” you describe began, there were no gay people in locker rooms. I would presume, as a physician and educated man, that you are aware that homosexuality has existed as long as humankind has. Allowing for that, what do you think the difference is now? Is it that gay people are not as filled with shame as they once were, so they dare to “leer” at you freely?

      I am wondering a little about the leering. I have seen your picture and you are a normal looking person. Not unattractive in the least, but not a knockout, either (no offence, neither am I). You’re just an average looking Joe. I am wondering if in your daily life you feel the need to “leer” at every woman you encounter? I mean really, for most people, it just doesn’t work that way. You may stop and turn your head at someone who is a striking beauty, but most people just pass us by in life without much notice. Most of us are not sexually attracted to any and all members of the opposite (or same) sex, just because they are members of the gender we prefer.

      What is it you are recommending here, and how can Mr. Romney help achieve it? Do you want homosexual people to be identified and given their own dressing rooms so that they won’t be tempted to leer at you? Should everyone be questioned about their sexuality when they get a gym membership? How will you know if people are telling the truth? Once they are identified, how should they be set apart? By a gold star sewn on their clothes? What parameters do you propose? Will there by “gay only” drinking fountains? Do you actually want to eradicate gay people or separate them from the rest of “decent society” or just drive them back underground so we can all pretend they don’t exist? I would truly like to hear a thoughtful response from you. Not just about how outraged you are, but what it is you are suggesting for an answer.

      Thank you and all the best to you and yours.

      • Holliday Doc

        KEY WORD , MOST

  • Robert Young

    The sexual parts a person has should determine their gender. If a person chooses to have a sex change operation and the sexual parts are changed, then and only then, should a person’s gender be changed.

    • Not wishing to be confrontational, Robert, you couldn’t be more incorrect. What “parts” one has defines the ‘phenotype’ or, how people ‘look.’

      One’s sexuality is determined by chromosomes (see below) and determines how one ‘acts.’

      This is inviolable.

      Genes work via the endocrine system to produce hormones, among many, many other things. Hormones drive sexual behavior, again, among many, many other things.

      These things are what determine the nature of man. And this point underscores the overall exasperation that Joe Miller and all of us feel in an “upside down” culture.

      The mindset driving this chaos is, in a word, wrong. Scientifically, morally, ethically and Constitutionally.

      Its foundational drive is the lust for power.

      Todd House, MD
      Louisville, KY

      • TheOldME

        Very interesting and well said, Todd. Thanks for your input and keep putting facts and reason in the conversation.

      • Dewayne Wade

        Hormones may “drive” behavior… thus the “seeking” to have sex and fulfillment of the need, but it doesn’t program the mind as to what image or forms are desirable in that fulfillment i.e. the form of man or woman. That has to be accepted by the individual and internalized from the environment. It almost sounds like you are giving credence to what the gays are claiming, “it is my biology that is making me this way”, but maybe you are saying that since the genes are immutable they are acting contrary to them?

      • Bullcrap!!! Sodom and Gomorrha was destroyed because of perversion!!! It is a SIN and always will be!!!

        • RICK

          sorry that is incorrect G-D destroyed sodom and gomorrah for the way they treated the poor and homeless and not feeding them BUT I i dont mind the fact he cleaned up the perverts too and a sin is a sin but some are judged differently none of this is right and if this lost guy/girl did this to my daughters locker room his stuff would not be swinging any more and the girl part would look more correct

    • sandraleesmith46

      You can change the outward appearance; but you CANNOT change the GENES that determine your gender; you’re either XX or XY, period. And those genes actually determine the structure of your brain as well, because of the influence of the hormones associated with them. That structure won’t change appreciably later in life because you change the chemicals and have surgery to change appearance.

  • sooner4ever

    If they can expose themselves to children, can we beat the crap out of them for it without any consequences?

    • Sher

      Would you allow a pervert to expose themselves to a kid anywhere and get away with it? I don’t think you would. I’m for them and the upper crust of any business or facility who makes the rules for that facility or business, allowing and backing up these people to be in any facility of the opposite sex, such as restrooms, dressing rooms and the like, having the crap beat out of them. They are all perverts and pedophiles.

      • sandraleesmith46

        That, and worse IS what used to happen to them when found in barracks among our military. Now the heteros are the ones who will be penalized if they try to report an assault by a homosexual in their barracks!

        • Over 95% of sexual assaults in the military are heterosexual men committing crimes against women.

          • MynameisPT

            The assaults in the military are perverted female clerks leering at nude men during induction physicals

      • Pedophiles expose themselves to someone in a fitting room in a Wal-Mart and it’s against the law. But it’s ok for someone to expose themselves to children in a public restroom. Sheesh.

      • so true!

    • Couldn’t agree more, but that would be a hate crime. I don’t understand how liberals could make such a big deal of Jerry Sandusky doing what will be the next thing on the list for the homosexual crowd. The homosexual crowd wants open season on males. That is why the ACLU defends NAMBLA and wants to get the legalization of men to have sex with twelve year old boys. A man that tries such a thing with a twelve year old girl is convicted for statutory rape. We have female school teachers doing the same thing with their students and have a lot of times been turned loose with a slap on the wrists if they are good looking.
      It is amazing to me how the country was in such an uproar about Sandusky and his conviction, but thinks it’s ok for the transgender group given special rights and the ACLU defending NAMBLA. How do you have it both ways?

  • Mark Brickey

    God made a mistake! God made me this way! Look how Jesus hung around with HIS 12 guys!
    Twisted words, twisted thinking. We can’t legislate “morality”, nor should we, but common sense, safety & decency are a completely different story. As one mentioned in another comment, this is nothing more than power grab of fringe groups wanting nothing but their hedonism, their selfishness to be the “norm”

    • sandraleesmith46

      We can’t legislate morality; but we can legislate acceptable public behavior, and that’s what’s failing abysmally at present!

      • Dewayne Wade

        Can’t we legislate morality? Laws make murder, stealing, etc illegal. It’s whether we can get a majority to agree on what right or wrong is. That is the problem. We, as a nation, seem to be confused on the issue of homosexual behaviors. We can agree that murder is bad. No one wants to die at the hands of another. It’s obvious. It has immediate impact. A life lost. Pain and suffering easily seen and felt. Homosexuality ?…not so much. People are having a huge difficulty finding the destructiveness in an overt, demonstrative way. We hear, “What’s so bad about two people loving each other?”, and the nation is forced into shame with false guilt. We know that God, through His Word, has affirmed the man-woman union. Therefore contrary to it, homosexuality as sin, has a destructive nature to it. How do we get non-believers to accept that there is a practicality for them too? The simplest argument is that the family structure is obiliterated once reproduction is altered. No unions between men and women equal no children which halts the continuation of the race.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Laws against murder and such ARE behavioral not moral in the sense that they’re against the behavior being acted out; not the thinking behind them. That man’s laws can’t touch. What’s “so bad about 2 people loving each other” isn’t the problem. It’s the demands they’re making that we accept their dysfunctional behavior as “normal”. So if you’re trying to explain it; that’s the difference!

    • wandamurline

      These people know that they have chosen a lifestyle that makes them different from the 95% of the rest of us, so they want to “make” us accept this…I will not. This is the only reason I can come up with … this has been going on since before Christ was born, and God has dealt with it….destroying cities. Aids came along to the homosexuals, but this didn’t stop them either…so they shared their disease with the heterosexuals through men who like both female and males. If they loved and felt comfortable in their chosen lifestyle, then why do they feel compelled to try to make us all accept it? Me thinks they have a problem and need psychiatric help…even the lower animals don’t do what these people do….and they are supposed to be better than the animals.

  • jerry

    shoot them

  • 1_Eddie_1

    And yet no female walked over to the pervert, grabbed him by the penis and tried to rip it off of his body, then run out of the locker room screaming hystrerically. A few instances like that, and this crap would end on its own. We all have the right to privacy, and it should be respected. If that right is violated, the violater should get violated.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Unfortunately, it’s NOT that easy to RIP muscles off; and most of them probably didn’t have a good hunting knife in the locker room with them, to do the job!

      • I’ll tell you what…..the perv would think twice before going back to that restroom trolling for victims again!

      • A good machete would end the problem!!!

      • 1_Eddie_1

        It would hurt a whole lot. It would cause a very painfull injury. It can be separated with enough force, it is not an impossibility. A strong grip (like a death grip), and a mighty yank (use every ounce of your strength, ensure that you work off some frustration off on the creep) and you just might surprise yourself.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Sir, I practiced nursing, and worked as a volunteer EMT; I know what that would require, AND what adrenalin surges can do for a person.

  • Doris

    Since I do not have the medical capability of doing a hormone blood test on some guy in a rest room or the psychological training to determine the mindset of some guy in a rest room, I am limited to making my determination on his showing me his dong. Law enforcement and the judicial must accept that situation! The only alternative would be to require the claimant to wear an identifying photo ID on a lanyard and a large warning sign? For that matter I thought pools and saunas required towels to cover below-the-waist sex organs to stop the spread of diseases and vermin? Society gone mad! Almost makes one root for the Sharia Law boys to take us over. Kill all the homosexuals? Naw…the Koran apparently condones rape and pedophilia. They could get by fine. Those were men doing the raping of American men in Benghazi, Libya.

  • sandraleesmith46

    The WORST aspect of this is that “perverts” who also happen to be pedophiles and /or rapists will quickly catch onto this to use such places for trawling for victims while protected under the laws. That should terrify most women and parents, and if it doesn’t, I’d question their mental capacities seriously!

    • Parents,don’t send your kids into the restroom alone..go with them.

      • sandraleesmith46

        And take a couple of armed Marines in with you when you DO!

        • or your gun!!!

          • sandraleesmith46

            Marines have more practice with ALL those “toys” than I do; and besides I was Nurse Corps; so I’m better at picking up the mess after…

  • marineh2ominer

    Don’t blame those with Christian values , just blame those in government and the courts with out any . This is what happens when you allow extremists like the ACLU , SPLC , Satanists , athiests , and secularists use the phony ” separation of church and state ” mantra to decimate our Christian values and morality . While I do not support a Christian Theocracy , nor any other theocracy , I do feel that the values and morality that alowed manking to attain a civilization should be supported and upheld by every level of society . For those animals that can’t accept this they can go straight to hell or at least get the hell out of America . Freedom requires responsibilities , one of them being to maintain our civilization .

  • Our culture is too fussy about these things. Back in the days when Jesus Christ was alive,
    both genders would bath nude in the river, and the nearest toilet was a bush or
    a tree. If your beautiful, innocent
    young daughters happened to see Jesus Christ exit the river, in His natural
    glory, would the sight of Jesus’ genitals horrify them? (Not unless the perverted parent brainwashed
    their daughter that all genitals are horrible).
    Would the young daughter somehow lose her innocence by seeing His
    natural body?

    If the transsexual is acting foolishly (being naked and
    spread eagle), we should teach our daughters to laugh at him for the fool he
    is. Then she can return to her innocent
    and wholesome life unharmed.

    But if anyone acts lewd or obscene, that is a crime and must
    be prosecuted.

    • If we were more reserved in our personal habits nowadays,like we once used to be so many years ago, we wouldn’t have to deal with this issue at all. Tact and discretion and humility went out the door oh-so-long ago,and we are none the better for it. Maybe we could all use a little more wholesomeness and innocence. We might be a little better off.
      Invoking Jesus into a discussion about transgender perverts flashing children and others in a restroom,where you should expect some scintilla of privacy, is moronic. Just saying.

      • The report never states that he was leering or trolling at all. He might (and likely is) a pervert, but the report never said he was flashing children. I used Jesus as an example to make it clear that it is possible to be nude without being lewd. If this transgender guy showed any signs of lewdness (which is difficult for a man to hide when naked), the report by fox news would have described it.

        • No, but he was lounging in said facility. In addition this person also likes to have sex with women. Is this not like letting the wolf in the hen house.

    • It is PERVERSION!!!

    • RICK

      THAT is incorrect the laws of modesty were all followed by the JEWS and that is one of the main reasons other cultures wanted to wipe them out or force them to change your opinion is that of the Romans and the Greeks who thought children were only for there sexual pleasure and had no other value and we have the same thing going on now

    • Would it be ok for this person to lounge naked in said facility.

  • My daughters,sisters,etc. would be taught to scream at him and punch or kick him right in the nuts. Consequences be damned.

    • But aren’t you advocating violence due solely to your bias? If the guy was pervertedly flashing then call law enforcement for lewdness. But he is only reported to have ““exposed his genitals on several occasions.” There is no description of what that exposure involved. Could it have been just turning around while shampooing his hair in the shower? I’m sure if he had fondled himself or acted like a pervert, the news wouldn’t have spared a detail. Kicking him would be illegal and wrong…

      • Obviously you are a queer!

        • RICK

          I am with Pam cause mike aint got a hair one on his ass and know right from wrong.If I was that screwed up as to show my stuff to any lady I would expect to get my nuts slammed hard,,,,,common sense BUT common sense is no longer common as we see by some of the posts here

          • Hey Pam and Rick, if you don’t agree with my views, reason with me (or quote Scripture since I follow Christ). Instead you insult me and threaten with violence – and you are saying you’re moral and I’m not?? FYI, I am not a pervert. I believe that anything outside of heterosexual monogamy is wrong (for me).
            Indeed, I have been married and faithful to my wife since our wedding in 1983. Unless someone claims to be living
            with God (as I do), I don’t judge another’s private sexual preferences. Instead I choose to love all as Jesus
            commanded. This group is too judgmental and violent, in my view.

          • Michael – you know we are talking about a MAN in a girl’s locker room, right? We are talking about a MAN (I don’t care about his sex life) – but a naked MAN in a girl’s locker room and you think it is somehow okay for him to be there just because he puts lipstick on? Please tell me how your love of Jesus leads you to conclude that kind of behavior is okay?

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    In this Politically Correct culture (invented by so-called “liberals”), right is wrong, wrong is right, normal is abnormal, abnormal is normal, and an anti-Constitutionslist is President.

  • rhcrest

    How absolutely disgusting. I don’t want to see other people’s genitals be they man or woman. But this thing exposing himself like that is totally outrageous and GROSS!

  • I AGREE wholeheartedly, BUT…I can NOT vote for Romney any more than I can vote for obama…Both are illegal according to the constitution…romneys Parents were not BOTH born in the U.S.A one was born in Mexico. also Romney is a Mormon, and as i read the Mormon Doctrine, they do NOT have the same doctrine that a Christian has. They have beliefs that jesus and Lucifer were brothers, and they believe that God the father is on the planet kolob having spiritual babies and that jesus Christ was married and had to be married or he couldn’t be a God…You had better not believe me…read it for yourselves..Morman doctrine by Bruce maConkey/ and Morman discourses etc No, i can’t vote for this man…Gary Johnson (Gov of N.Mexico) for Pres.

    • Notso_old vet

      Bruce, where one’s parents were born is not of much concern. What is required to be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is that BOTH parents were legal citizens of the US at the time of the child’s birth. I am pretty confident that his Willard Mitt’s father WAS a US citizen before Mitt was born. Even naturalized citizens can have a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. In Romney’s case, even though his father was born in Mexico, it was to two American citizens who never renounced their US citizenship. There are a number of was even for children actually born outside of the US to still be NATURAL BORN (as opposed to simply native born – WHICH REALLY DOES NOT MAKE ONE A CITIZEN, IF BOTH PARENTS WERE NOT SUBJECT TO US JURISDICTION, AS IN THE CASE OF ANCHOR BABIES!) For example, a lot of children, like John McCann, were born overseas to US citizens serving in the military or to others there under US government orders. They can still be NATURAL BORN US citizens. As far as one’s religion is concerned, that is not part of the qualifications to eligible to become President. There’s more but what is most important for this election is that Romney gets enough votes to take this country back under the rule of law and away from the rule of Obama.

  • Marine223

    GREAT! I say kick his Scrotum into his chin!

  • Marine223

    ALL of these types of things are part of the GRAND SCEME to destroy our culture! VOTE THE SCUMBAG (OUT) TUESDAY!

  • prairiefire2

    I’m asking “WHY are the Rights of people who object to naked people in public places being ignored? Why are these naked men allowed to be around children at all? Where is the common sense of parents to allow this behavior at all? Where are the citizens to stand up for common decency and make laws that prevent this ludicrous and damaging behavior ?” Oh, it is expression of free speech. Well, it is our expression of free speech to object to this disgusting practice of allowing naked men to expose themselves to anyone, in any public place. If they want to run around naked at home, or in a club run nudest colony – fine. But out in public – COVER UP.

  • Flush Limpbone

    Not surprising you were in politics, Joe. A real much ado about nothing, distraction (non) issue. All this frothing at the mouth about nothing. This is a no-brainer. Change the wording of the law to close this loophole and move on. Not that there is a rash of transgenders exposing themselves to children in lockerrooms.

    Btw, there are many “straight” people who expose themselves to children daily. Why do you people not associate heterosexuality with pedophilia on those occasions?

    Just another wedge issue to keep us distracted from the real issues that affect all of us in much more profound ways.