GOP Wins Big in Governor Races, The Most Since the 1920’s

North Carolina voters elected their first Republican governor in two decades Tuesday, fanning the GOP’s hope of broadening their party’s hold on governor’s mansions across the country.

The victory by former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory came two years after Republicans snatched six governors’ offices in the midterm elections, giving the party 29 governorships to 20 for Democrats and one independent entering Tuesday’s elections, in which 11 gubernatorial races were to be decided.

When all the ballots are counted, Republicans could have as many as 33 governorships — the most since the 1920s and one more than they had in the 1990s.

Mr. McCrory defeated Democratic Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton to become the state’s first GOP chief executive since Jim Martin left office in early 1993. Mr. McCrory had lost his gubernatorial bid in 2008 to Democrat Beverly Perdue, who opted not to run for re-election this year.

Democratic governors are leaving office in North Carolina, Montana, New Hampshire and Washington, raising Republican hopes that at least some of those offices can be flipped to the GOP. But New Hampshire’s governor’s mansion remained in Democratic hands Tuesday, as did those in Vermont and Delaware.

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  • Anyone notice the target painted on the back of we Christians? Wonder when the killings will begin? Our beloved country has fallen off the cliff and there will be no restoring her to her greatness…Adieu, my beloved country! The world will be a worse place for your loss? We now have a re-elected idiot with a world full of muslim friends who will be so glad to send us to our Maker!

  • SammysDad

    We were warned 236 years ago:

    “When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

    — Benjamin Franklin

    And truly, this occurred November 6, 2012

  • WWatchdogman

    I would suggest that auto’s displaying east coast and west coast planes might not want travel to the west or south…That is what I have heard and boy that might start a second civil war or worse…God have mercy on our country.

  • WWatchdogman

    Planes = plates

  • Sam

    The Republic is lost. We are now controlled by a bunch of crazy liberals who are voting for free stuff and could care less about the economy, or the government. They are raping the Treasury for personal gratification. Plans are already being formulated for Obama’s third, and maybe forever, term. Opening the flood gates for illegals, putting 100 million people on welfare, incresing the Medicaid rolls, free phones, no voter ID, and ignoring election laws gave Obama a win. He will now move full speed ahead to place the U.S. under UN control through a series of treaties that only require Senate ratification. Get ready for a UN tax that will be used by third world dictators.

  • con_c_kwense

    I’m not one for false optimism…having spent my FIRST 35 years or so as a miserable liberal my “natural” inclination still defaults to hand-wringing and “OK, it’s-all-over-ness”!

    As did 56,000,000 similarly distressed “true Americans” last night I went to bed in a state of shock and thoroughly depressed…but guess what…with 5 hours of sleep under my belt, I got up, looked outside and hey…the lessons of my SECOND 35 years kicked in and…much to my surprise the sky is still blue, I can hear at LEAST ONE sparrow trying to sound happy, my goldfish are still swimming around…and as much as I’m dreading the coming catastrophic 4 years with the homosexual, dog-eating, islamic illegal alien STILL usurping our government…I feel pretty confident that ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, I’ll survive the nightmare.
    My “recipe” for “survival”?…as I have since at least 1992, will NOT watch or listen to ANY msm propaganda outlet, I DEFINITELY won’t patronize (spend my money on) ANY entity OR individual that has ANY connection or known sympathies with the demoprats…no network news, no hollywood movies, no “popular” music…and I will do what little I can to convince others of the same mind to do likewise…it seems to me that the only non-violent option left to us is to deplete the demoscum’s coffers…
    ….will it make a difference to the future of our country? I doubt it – I don’t have enough time left and the disease of progressivism has infested too much of our society to be stanched – but at the very least, I will have the satisfaction of knowing I did in my own way, what I could to protest this travesty…AND as a (admittedly selfish) consolation, I know that the idiots that brought about the demise of our civilization, will get to suffer the consequences of their madness the most AND for the longest time…not much, I know, but enough to get me through.