GOP’s Problem With Women: Twice As Many Unmarried Women Voted for Obama

The Republican party is suffering from a serious failure to attract the female vote, exit polls following the election released on Wednesday reveal. Just 44 per cent of female voters supported Mitt Romney, while 55 per cent voted to re-elect Barack Obama – and with women making up 53 per cent of the electorate, those numbers were enough to play a significant role in keeping the GOP out of the White House.

Republicans fared particularly poorly among single women, 67 per cent of whom voted for Obama while just 31 per cent supported Romney. If Romney had been able to attract the votes of just half of women, he would have cruised to an easy victory.

The Republican failure among women was not for lack of trying – with Ann Romney playing a large role in the last few weeks of the campaign. But in the end, the party was arguably damaged by its position on key issues such as abortion and contraception.

Exit polls showed Obama holding an 11-point lead over Romney with female voters, while the Republican candidate won the male vote by just seven points.

While nearly all elections have some sort of ‘gender gap’, with women leaning left and men tending towards the right, 2012 has seen a much more pronounced trend. The total gap in this year’s election was 18 points, compared to a 12-point gap in 2008.

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  • Skikruse

    When the government is your “man” you vote for more government

  • kT TK

    I am a life long republican conservative and almost all of the women I know refuse to vote Republican because of the abortion thing. Does abortion really belong in national politics? IMO abortion is a quasi issue just like alcohol in prohibition days. No law will ever stop abortion. Persuasion is the only thing that will stop abortion

  • Lance_Roberts

    It shouldn’t be a political issue, because murder is already illegal. The government just won’t enforce the laws it has. We won’t get real change until the hearts of people are changed so that they love babies instead of thinking of them as an inconvenience. Pro-life would have won a long time ago if those who believe in life (the majority) would actually draw the line at voting for candidates who don’t. Let them know that they can’t have your vote if they won’t protect the ultimate right, the Right to Life.

  • The Dems win single women as long as they allow themselves to be bought for free birth control and abortion on demand.Particularly as a President has no power to override current law you’d think self supporting women would be overridingly concerned about getting a job that covers all her bills (including birth control-not forced for payment on those who don’t have a belief that a fetus is nothing more than a mass of extraneous cells).

  • Robert Wayne

    The demographics are obvious. These women who voted Democrat here are slut trash who are too irresponsible and stupid to either close their legs or take the pill. In the meantime, they expect taxpayers to subsidize their stupidity by paying for the murder of their fetuses. This country has completely lost its Christian morals. I give it less than 25 years before complete collapse and fear that the collapse will have to be total before there is any chance whatsoever of any kind of recovery, if any.

  • Lizelot

    Actually, single women claiming the right to abortion on demand as well as contraceptives, paid for by taxpayers, is not a “Republican problem” but a morality problem. I’m deeply ashamed and concerned by the way in which so many women have become enticed by these false “rights”. If they truly want to behave as men, i.e. enjoy hook-ups ad libitum, they should become men and have hysterectomies. That would not entail killing, and do the job. At own expense, naturally, because neither abortion nor hysterectomy on demand benefits the nation but strictly the individual. Nobody ever thought of this solution? No? One operation and you’re set for life–freedom! Think about it.